I’m happy to introduce you to GroomHour.com, a grooming resource for men from all walks of life.”

— Dante Morton

How GroomHour Started

Some time ago, I met some folks who later became my friends and colleagues. They are just as passionate as I am about giving grooming advice to help men look good. Together we created a website called GroomHour.com.

Grooming has a prominent role in life because it has an impact on our overall confidence, happiness, and health. On the other hand, confidence can influence our level of performance at work, school, home, or even in bed and how we treat others.

The joy that comes from knowing you have an efficient grooming routine might just be what you need to unlock countless opportunities.

What Is GroomHour All About?

We at GroomHour have an intense zeal to correct common mistakes in the grooming world. We conduct extensive research and surveys on topics, as well as test our findings before publishing them.

The topics covered on GroomHour aren’t driven by profit. Instead, we choose to write articles we are passionate about with information that is driven by our personal experience, research, and surveys. Our goal is to provide the best grooming advice on and off the internet.

Our contents cover what you need to know about beard maintenance, body grooming, hair care, wet shaving, and everything else in the male grooming world that will improve your personal style.

An important aspect of grooming is the products we use. Since there are many options out there, making a good decision can be very difficult sometimes. For this reason, we provide detailed buyer’s guides on the best products for your specific needs.

How We Maintain Our Content

We dedicate several hours to providing well-researched articles backed with evidence to enable the modern man to make the right grooming choice.

Our editors frequently examine the articles found on GroomHour to ensure they are up-to-date to provide the most reliable content to our readers. Our readers mean a lot to us.

We hope you find our content engaging and our suggestions helpful.

Meet the Team

We believe everyone has the right to free and accessible knowledge and resources. Thus, we create high-quality information and resources that are both entertaining and easy to understand.

Please keep in mind that we will continue to provide the most up-to-date grooming advice available, whether online or in print. That is our commitment to you.

Marc Corkery


Marc Corkery is the Editor in Chief of GroomHour. He is a seasoned beardsman, a fashion enthusiast, and a grooming professional. Even so, he has other passions. He also enjoys playing the violin and acoustic guitar. Before starting GroomHour, Marc covered a vast range of topics for large fashion platforms. Join Marc and several monthly readers on GroomHour.com, and learn ways to improve your grooming skills and etiquette.

Dante Morton


Dante Morton is a grooming professional and fashion expert. He has a jovial personality and a passion for skincare, as well as styling hair and beards of black men. He has had this passion since his teenage years. Before GroomHour, Dante was a contributing editor of Men’s Magazine and has worked with several big players in the beauty industry. He now spends his time exploring innovative ways to solve old grooming problems. Dante holds a BA from FIU.

Noreen Okwara, MD | FAAD


Dr Okwara is a dermatologist in the United States with nearly two decades of experience assessing patients’ skin health and medical records. She also examines patients and recommends dermatological treatments like medication and non-invasive surgery. Noreen keeps track of the patient’s development and, if necessary, refers them to specialists. She is skilled in the use of dermatological equipment such as dermal punches, lancet extractors, and other similar tools. Noreen is a medical consultant for healthcare startups in addition to her clinical duties.

William Jarvis

Human Physiologist

William Jarvis is a wet shaving enthusiast and body grooming expert who has spent over thirteen years of his life helping men look good. His works are cited in various renowned men’s grooming publications. He has also participated in numerous health campaigns. William is a clean shave addict and doesn’t intend to put the safety razor down anytime soon. He loves traveling to see new places and experience new cultures. Also, he has a keen interest in fitness, Jazz music, and lawn tennis. Will has a Human Physiology degree from the University of Iowa.

Prithvi Raj Chauhan


Raj is our webmaster and he keeps our website as tidy as he is. He makes sure you have the best experience when you read our content. Raj is in charge of software development, testing, and automation, as well as the IT infrastructure. Prithvi performs continuous vulnerability assessment and risk management, as well as identifies and deploys cybersecurity measures. Raj finally took the plunge and grew his first beard since joining the squad. The results? Spectacular!

Serenity Ayanna

Beauty Expert and Researcher

Serenity is the talent behind our flawlessly edited content that you all enjoy. Ayanna adds a distinctly female perspective to the conversation as a hair growth aficionado with personal experience overcoming hyperpigmentation and hair breakage. Furthermore, as a self-proclaimed skincare nerd, she has been developing her own natural skincare products since her early teens. Serenity often volunteers to assist the elderly.

We Know…

When it comes to men’s grooming, we know you’re presented with a lot of choices. We aim to make it easier for you to make those decisions by providing information that is both useful and engaging. We value your confidence in us and are thrilled to have you along for the ride.