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Best Dread Extensions for Men: Top 6 Reviewed

There’s a lot to love about the iconic hairstyle popularly known as dread. Eye-catching, full of character, and easy to maintain.

Black man with dread extension

Dreads help the hair retain moisture and don’t put too much stress on the scalp. They also require lots of patience as some can take years to be fully developed.

Thank goodness you don’t have to wait that long to get dreads. You can get one of the most iconic hairstyles of all time in an instant. Two words; dread extensions.

In a rush? Here are my top picks:
Best Overall

AOSOME Dreadlock Extensions (Synthetic Dark Brown Crochet Hair)
Aosome Dreadlock Extensions

High-quality, lightweight locs

20 to 24 inches long
Available in 10 colors
Ombré colors ready
Best Dread for Black Men

DSOAR 6 inches Men's Dread Extension
Dsoar 6-inch Men’s Dread Extension

The reggae superstar locs

6 inches long
High-quality kanekalon fiber
Available in 7 colors

Dread extensions offer the best of both worlds; a fashion statement that inspires confidence, individuality, and chill at the same time. The dread extensions in this review look natural, bouncy, and soft, just the way I like them. 

While researching the best dread extensions for men, I found Aosome Hair Extensions and it was a clear winner. It comes with a crochet and some wooden beads. This is a perfect hand-woven synthetic extension that gives the dreadlock feel.

Summary of the Top-Rated Dread Extensions for Men

I reviewed a handful of dread extensions to identify the very best. During this process, I specifically looked for male loc extensions that look natural, bouncy, pre-looped, soft, and easy to install and take off whenever you want. I also considered the length.

Best forThe Best Dread Extensions for Men
Best OverallAosome Dreadlock Extension
QualityYonna Dreadlock Extension
Dread for Black MenDsoar 6-inch Men’s Dread Extension
Value for MoneyNoverLife 10-Strands Male Faux Locs
Durability and Versatility Daixi 30 Strands Dreadlock Extensions
Thickness and BouncinessMoreYoungc Dreadlocks Extension

I found really good loc extensions made with human hair as well as some made with synthetic hair. One criterion I used while examining the synthetic ones was to take out those that smelled like synthetic hair and discard them.

The very extensions that passed my test look as real as one can get. And they can pass as natural dreadlocks.

Let’s get to the list.

What Are the Best Dreadlock Extensions for Men?

The Aosome Dreadlock Extensions, Yonna Dreadlock Extension, and Dsoar Dread Extension are the top three best dreadlock extensions for men. Below is a detailed review of my top picks:

This is a pre-lopped dread extension that is shiny, light, bouncy, soft, and breathable. 

Key Features

20 to 24 inches long
Available in 10 colors
Ombré colors ready

Aosome Crochet Hair Extensions are made of high-quality synthetic fiber. It has some characteristics of human hair due to its low-temperature nature.


A pack of this extension contains 20 strands of dreadlocks. With each strand weighing about 6 grams, it is comfortable to wear. It comes in many colors. The black, blue, brown, red, pink, grey, sand and blonde variants are 20 inches long. While the tricolor and ombré variants are 24 inches long.

Hair Tips

To cover the entire head, you need two or three packs. That’s because each strand has a width of 0.8cm, and that is normal. The pack contains crotchets and beads. You can attach the extension to your hair with the use of needles. While the beads can be used to make it firmer. The installation process is very easy. 

When you get the extension, it may seem a bit stiff. Simply soak the hair in water for some minutes, then wait for it to dry. When it’s dry, it’ll lose its stiffness. It gets even more bouncy and softer the more you wear it.

This crotchet extension has little to no drawbacks. It doesn’t have a synthetic smell, and your scalp can breathe while you use it. Also, it is unlikely to cause itching. 

Final Verdict

The Aosome looks very natural and is available in a variety of colors. If you need a lightweight, pre-looped extension that stays put for weeks, why not try this? 

Yonna Handmade Dreads will give you the look of dreads without committing years of your life to grow them.

Key Features

12 inches long
Bleach and dyes can be applied
Available in 5 colors

If you want to look manly and calm, then you can try the Yonna male loc extension.

These dreadlocks look like natural hair and it is made of good quality. The hair is hand-made and resistant to heat.


This extension comes with 20 strands of dread in a bundle. Each strand weighs about 5 grams. The strands have a length of 12 inches and a width of 0.4cm. Due to the smaller width, it is often referred to as a “micro loc” or “sister loc.” 

It comes in 5 colors; dark brown, medium brown, white, light blonde, and natural black. All colors have strands of similar length. Bleach and dyes can be applied to the hair without any cause for alarm. And it is fit for daily use.

Hair Tips

Like most dread extensions for guys, it is stiff when you buy them. Washing or rinsing the hair for some minutes loosens it. Then, you are set to slay with your new loc extension. You may need more than one bundle for full head coverage.

Final Verdict

The Yonna male hair extension is easy to install even if you haven’t used one before. It is bouncy, tangle-free, soft, washable, and looks very natural. 

The Dsoar 6-inch men’s faux locs give the feeling of a superstar. It conjures the reminiscence of black excellence.

Best Dread Extension for Black Men

DSOAR 6 inches Men's Dread Extension
Dsoar 6-inch Men’s Dread Extension

Key Features

6 inches long
High-quality kanekalon fiber
Available in 7 colors

It’s for those who want to try something new with their hair. It looks very much like natural hair and really nice on fades. So you can rock the bad boy with a fade haircut.


The hair extension contains 20 strands of synthetic dreads in a pack. With a length of 6 inches, it is definitely one of the best short dread extensions for males. The kanekalon fiber used is of premium quality and gives the feel of natural locs. 

One thing I like about this male hair extension is the variety of colors available. The dreads are available in 7 colors; black, chocolate, deep blonde, blonde, deep grey, light grey, and light brown. Each strand of locs weighs less than 2.5g with a width of about 0.6cm to 0.8cm.

The hair comes with cuffs and other random gifts to make it look classy. The dreadlock hair extension is easy to install, lightweight and does not get tangled easily. It would serve you for as long as possible if it is well taken care of.

Final Verdict

Dsoar extension is hand-braided, realistic, and made with kanekalon fiber which is of good quality. People would probably ask how you care for your dreads thinking it’s your hair. For full head coverage, you need at least 2 packs. 

The NoverLife faux locs combine the protective powers of both twists and dreads. You can leave the locs long or twist them into an updo.

Key Features

7 inches long
Available in 7 colors
Comes pre-looped

These synthetic dreads for guys were created using a mix of twisting and backcombing. The twists make it beautiful and backcombing contributes to its natural aesthetics.

This is of course slower than other methods of creating dreads, which reflects the level of craftsmanship put into the making of this hair extension.


The package comes with 10 strands of locs. Each loc is about 7 inches long and has a width of 0.7cm. The hair is available in black, auburn, brown, dark brown, chocolate, light blonde, and grey. For full head coverage, you need at least three packs of the extension.

The extension is bouncy, lightweight, smooth, and flexible. You can install the extension by either using clips or braiding it. It comes pre-looped which makes it a great deal.

Final Verdict

This is a good extension that doesn’t have a synthetic smell. NoverLife combines the strengths of twists and backcombing, hence it doesn’t tangle. Get ready to show off your dreads.

There’s no end to the versatility of dreads. The Daixi 30 Strands Human Hair Dreadlocks offer both style and versatility.

Key Features

8 inches long
Comes with a crotchet hook and rat tail comb
Available in 3 colors

It is a handmade extension that comes in various colors. The locs are smooth, soft, and compatible with most hair textures. The hair extension is matted and dreadlocked. There’s no odor and it is flexible.


The bundle consists of 30 strands of dreadlocks. Each strand is about 8 inches long with a thickness of 0.8cm. They are available in natural black, light blonde, and dark blonde. The 30 strands would be sufficient if you are going to have a fade haircut. Otherwise, you need more than one bundle. 

With the latch hook technique, you can easily install the hair. It comes with a crochet hook and a rat tail comb that can be used for installation and grooming. If you prefer shorter hair, you can trim the locs.

Final Verdict

This is an extension you can use daily or for any occasion. Irrespective of the season, the stylish locs will steal people’s attention. You can now have that Reggae or Hip-Hop superstar look.

For manly and stylish dreadlocks, get the MoreYoungchandmade hair crochet braids.

Key Features

8 to 20 inches long
Available in 4 colors
Gold color ready 

These are made with naturally straight hair and properly pre-looped. It looks genuine, bouncy, and doesn’t irritate the scalp.


The pack comes with 10 loc strands. Depending on your choice, they have 8 inches, 10 inches, 12 inches, 14 inches, 16 inches, 18 inches, and 20 inches locs. The thickness of the locs can be compared to the width of a marker.

The natural-looking extension is available in four colors; natural black, gold, light brown, and dark brown. Use a color that blends with your hair, and the extension will appear like it grew from your scalp. The texture is smooth and flexible.

Final Verdict

The MoreYoungc extension is soft, bouncy, and comfortable to wear. If you want to cover your head with these crochet braids, you need at least three packs. The recommended size is 8 inches unless you want very lengthy locs.

These are the 6 best dreadlock extensions for men. I’ll update this article periodically to keep you posted with the current best dreadlock extensions on the market. However, there are other things you need to know.

Best Dreadlocks Crochet Hook for Hair

AQueenly hook is used to fix dreadlocks, locs extensions, and hair braids.

Best Dreadlocks Crochet Hook

AQueenly Hook

Crocheting is a technique used to pull in any loose hairs and tighten up locs quickly. This makes the dreads appear thicker and smoother. The crochet hook is used to attach dread extensions to braided hair. You’ll get beautiful dreads instantly!

The package contains two crochet hooks of different sizes; 0.5mm and 0.75mm. The entire tool is 5.1 inches, while the hook itself is 1.3 inches. The handle is made of natural bamboo, whereas the hook is made of steel. 

It will enhance your dreadlocks experience. The handle is ergonomic and you can have a firm grip. It also feels comfortable in the hands and easy to manipulate. 

The hook helps to minimize any damage to strands when used for dreads. Its solid build protects it from breaking. It is appropriate for use on both human and synthetic hair.

Final Verdict

AQueenly makes one of the best hooks out there. Solid and useful. It still needs to be used with care though. When much force is applied, it could bend a little. Even so, it is the best quality for the price.

Best Dreadlocks Gel

The Jamaica Mango & Lime formula is the best gel for dreadlocks. What you get is an excellent gel for making dreads and braids. It smells nice and moisturizes your scalp.

The formula contains moringa seed oil and manuka honey. These ingredients will make your dreads feel fresh and soft. If you are dealing with eczema or other bothersome conditions, you can give this gel a try. 

As a gel for locking hair, it will hold your hair firmly when applied. It comes with instructions for use. The formula is water-based, so it isn’t as greasy or thick as an oil-based pomade.

It is mild and won’t leave residue on your scalp. In the long run, you get well-polished locs.

Final Verdict

The gel works for baby dreads – if you intend to grow your hair later. Perfect density, great smell, and organic ingredients make it a good buy.

Important Loc Extensions Features to Consider

You can make use of a crotchet hook, bobby pin, or hair beads to install your dreadlock extensions. An extension can come with any of these products for installation purposes. If you intend to use the extension for a long period, then you need to pay attention to how you fix the hair. 

Here are some important features to think about when picking a loc extension:

1. Crochet Hook

A crochet hook also called a needle, is used to fix dreadlocks, pull in loose hairs, and tighten the locs. It consists of a pointed shaft on one end and a wooden handle on the other end. The best crochet hooks are easy to hold and use. 

2. Bobby Pin

The bobby pin or hair grip is a kind of hairpin that is used to hold locs in place. It has the shape of a clip and is flexible to close over the locs. This technique is used at the bottom of the hair, close to the scalp. You’d have to watch your hair root as your hair grows.

3. Hair Beads

Wooden beads are also used to hold locs together. They are usually made from wood and can be found in jewelry shops. The beads are beautiful and quite visible, unlike bobby pins. Hence, they are used for dreadlocks decoration.

You have the choice to use a crochet hook, bobby pin, or hair bead to hold your dreadlocks together. The three techniques work effectively and are really affordable. You can decide to get one or all three.

4. Extension Color

If you want to retain the locs extension for a really long time, it’ll be best to use one that fits your natural hair color. That’s where ombré and balayage come in. They help to get a pop star kind of dread.  

With ombré, you can blend the hair from the roots to more beautiful colors. Whereas balayage adds natural highlights. You have to be careful when using these colors so it doesn’t become obvious as your hair grows. 

5. Human Hair vs. Synthetic Hair

Synthetic hair is usually cheaper than a human hair. Even so, there are synthetic extensions that look like real hair and even feel like one. When picking an extension, consider your budget then choose what you can afford. 

In the long run, human hair gives you the best value for money. You can style it however you like. If you decide to get one, get virgin hair that hasn’t been treated chemically, relaxed, or dyed. That being said, if you are going for synthetic hair, it is best to get one with big-quality kanekalon fiber. 

How to Maintain Your Dreadlock Extension

1. Use a Good Locking Gel

In order to preserve the elegance of gorgeous dreadlocks and twists, locking gels can be used every two to six weeks because they have the ability to hold hair firmly in place. Meanwhile, here’s a review of the best dreadlock gels that can enrich the hair and scalp with essential nutrients while also taming flyaways.

2. Protect Your Locs With Other Techniques

Using a silk bonnet or durag, wearing your hair in ponytails if it is long enough, interlocking or any other method are some ways to keep that “tidy” look and feel for a prolonged period. However, if you use these techniques frequently, which is unhealthy for your scalp, they start to lose their potency.

Note: Human hair extensions are easier to maintain than synthetic hair. You can treat human hair extension just the same way you care for your natural hair. On the other hand, synthetic hair tends to shed over time. It could even melt if you use a flat iron. 

Additionally, human hair extensions do not require much maintenance, whereas with synthetic you will have to avoid using shampoos that contain sulfate. Do note that hair maintenance is very important. This is because after some time the locs can loosen up and appear fuzzy. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The Bottom Line

It feels good to have an undetectable loc extension for your hair. You get the glamorous and aesthetically pleasing looks of dreads without committing years to grow them.

Also, it gives you time to grow your hair to natural dreads. The extension can be worn for weeks while retaining its exotic appearance.

These extensions can get wet, you can use them in a swimming pool. It can be washed and shampooed using the recommended products. The most important region to wash is your scalp.

And don’t forget to care for your locs as you would your hair.

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