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Best Beard Trimmer for Black Men: Top 7 Reviewed

Behind every artistically coiffed beard lies a pile of reliable grooming products. At the top of that pile resides a great beard trimmer.

Top 3 Best Beard Trimmer for Black Men

Still, one may wonder if beard trimmers are really necessary — why not grow a beard and let nature take its course? Well, we wouldn’t recommend it. Even in a time when black men can freely flaunt a full beard in the workplace, there remains a fine line between having a neatly trimmed beard and straight-up chaos.

In a rush? Here are my top picks:
Best Overall

Hatteker Black Males Beard Trimmer
Hatteker Men’s Beard Trimmer

Quiet and reliable

Large cutting head
Comfortable shave
Whisper quiet
Best Professional Beard Trimmer

Braun Beard Trimmer for African American Males
Braun Beard Trimmer BT7240

Designed to endure extreme conditions

Superb build quality
Easy to use and clean

These are the top two of the seven reviewed. A detailed review is down below. First, let’s consider some use cases.

Why Black Men Need a Beard Trimmer

A neatly trimmed beard complements the majority of face shapes. For instance, you can add width to a long, narrow face by leaving the sides slightly longer. If you have a round face, you can make it longer and more angular by shaving slightly deeper down into the beard in the lower cheek area.

If you’re bald, you can trim the top of the sideburns, then contour the top of the ears slightly shorter to create a subtle fade and to avoid an obvious demarcation line between beard and scalp.

So there are a lot of styling options available to men who use beard trimmers. Even so, there are several ways to get it wrong, using a wrong trimmer being number one.

For this reason, we have poured years of beard expertise into this essential guide on the best beard trimmer for black men. We will break down everything you need to know to help you look more Lance Gross and less Phil in Duck Dynasty.

What I Noticed

The relationship between a beardsman and his reliable beard trimmer is like Bonnie and Clyde’s. You need a trimmer that can prim your mane anything from sufficient stubble to an admirable mustache or a bushy beard — without committing the sin of unruliness that long beards often fall prey to.

Every season does call for a new look. Right? All the more reason to get an adjustable beard trimmer. After all, when entering the roughest stretch of the winter, leaving a substantial beard to protect sensitive skin is a good call. Moreover, it saves time in the morning by having your facial hair prepped and ready to go.

Summary of the Best Beard Clippers for Black Men

We compared several beard trimmers to find the best. During our research, we particularly looked for face trimmers with superior build quality, reliable batteries (for cordless trimmers), sublime blades, and accessories. We ended up choosing only seven.

Best forBeard Trimmer for Black Men
AdjustabilityHatteker Men’s Beard Trimmer
Professional BarbersBraun Beard Trimmer – BT7240
Sensitive Skin xtava Pro Cordless Trimmer
Thick BeardsWahl 2.0+ Slate Trimmer
StubblePanasonic Beard Trimmer
Beard and MustacheSminiker Professional Beard/Mustache Trimmer
Value for MoneySuprent Beard Trimmer (Adjustable Length)

In addition, we have a detailed guide to help identify good shaving trimmers and a list of useful tips that will help you identify the right beard clipper.

Let’s get started!

What Is the Best Beard Trimmer for Black Men?

The best beard trimmer for black men is Hatteker Men’s Beard Trimmer, which is closely followed by Braun Beard Trimmer and xtava Pro Cordless Hair/Beard Trimmer.

Do note that all the trimmers on this list support automatic universal voltage — 100 to 220 volts — should you travel internationally. Plus, they all use Li-ion batteries.

Hatteker has put together an inexpensive all-in-one beard grooming set for men of all ages. This comprehensive set features self-sharpening blades, good-quality components, and an LCD display.

Best Adjustable Beard Trimmer for Black Men

Hatteker Black Males Beard Trimmer
Hatteker Men’s Beard Trimmer (Cordless)

This bad boy feels pleasantly comfortable in the hands and it gives off a minor buzzing sound. It effortlessly shaves or trims the beard. Plus, it charges quickly. That is not all, it comes with a spare battery. And the vivid LCD display gives it a premium feel. It shows the battery’s level in percentage.

Key Features

Battery life: 2.5 hours run time
Blade material: Self-sharpening carbon steel blade
Accessories: Hair combs, cleaning brush, USB charger, and a spare battery
Waterproof: No
Design: Lightweight and ergonomic handle
Type: Cordless

Hatteker may not be as popular as the big names in the men’s grooming world but the product’s quality does speak for itself. And at this rate, it is only a matter of time before it becomes a household name.


The beard shaver comes with a detail trimmer, a precision dial, a beard trimmer, a hair clipper, a guide comb, six hair combs, lubricating oil, a cleaning brush, and a USB charger.


It is an adjustable beard trimmer that is suitable for professionals and beginners alike. The adjustable blade on the trimmer allows you to set the length from 0.5mm to 2.5mm, which gives a 2mm range. Consequently, when the trimmer is set to 0.5mm, a 7 – 9mm guard will cut at 7mm. On the other hand, if the cutting head is set at 2.5mm, a 7 – 9mm guard will cut at 9mm. This gives you a wide variety of trimming options.

Considering the fact it is far more adjustable than most trimmers while producing consistently neat results, it is safe to call it the best stubble trimmer and long beard trimmer. The detail trimmer makes lining up the beard effortlessly precise.

Guide Combs

Five of the six guide combs have a 2mm range — 4 – 6mm, 7 – 9mm, 10 – 12mm, 16 – 18mm, and 22 – 24mm. That said, the 3mm guide comb does not have this range but we believe it is 1 – 3mm.

What I Like

Large cutting head
Comes with a USB charger and a spare battery
Makes a low buzzing sound
Easy to clean

What Can Improve

Feels a bit bulky for small hands

Final Verdict

Overall, the Hatteker Men’s Beard Trimmer is reasonably priced. It is affordable and easy to use. It makes shaving and trimming the beards in the morning a breeze. This is easily the best travel beard trimmer.

A new product is hailed by many as the latest prodigy of the beard grooming world. You guessed it — the Braun Beard Trimmer BT7240. It isn’t perfect but it is sure sharper, faster, and more efficient than all previous generations.

Best Professional Beard Trimmer for Black Men

Braun Beard Trimmer for African American Males
Braun Beard Trimmer – BT7240

It comes with a marvel of architecture before our eyes — a precision dial for 39-length settings, ensuring a pleasant trimming experience. Usually, a product such as this can leave a hole in one’s wallet. But the good news is, this comes at a reasonable price point.

Key Features

Battery life: 1.3 hours run time
Blade material: Ultrasharp metal blades
Settings: 39 length settings
Accessories: Precision beard & hair combs, detail trimmer, mini foil trimmer, cleaning brush, smart plug charger, charging stand, and zipper soft bag
Waterproof: Yes
Design: Compact size
Type: Cordless
Warranty: Three years (limited)


While the trimmer features lots of trimming options, someone might say that the 39-length settings are just marketing gimmicks and only a few of them are ever needed. Well, this would hold true if all men trimmed their beards at the same set of lengths.

In reality, some of us require very precise cuts. And Braun’s BT7240 offers adequately precise levels of adjustments for black men with very specific needs. This means that whatever your needs are this shaving trimmer would most likely satisfy them.

Trim Guards

Unlike most models with low-quality materials and guards that pop off randomly, the Braun’s Trimmer utilizes strong, quality plastic guards that stay on while trimming the beard. The body of the trimmer is well-built and it is easy to hold.

Power Button

In addition to the soft-touch design of the power button, it features a smart technology that Braun calls the autosensing technology. This enables the trimmer to read your beard 13 times per minute and as a result, adjust the power of the motor.


Besides the fancy architecture, the facial hair shaver is waterproof, which means that you can wash it in running water, making it easy to clean. It is also durable and sturdy.


Be that as it may, it could have done better in the battery department. While 80 to 100 minutes of battery life is more than enough to trim the beard and easily better than most out there, an improvement in this department is a step in the right direction.

Still, it does try to make up for it by offering a 5-minute fast charge that can give it enough juice for a single shave. It also includes a mini foil shaver and a razor to shave the neck and cheek lines.

What I Like

Easy to use and clean
High-quality materials and attachments
Lots of trimming lengths available

What Can Improve

Battery life could improve

Final Verdict

In summary, the Braun BT7240 is a great adjustable trimmer that easily chops through the unruliest facial hair, thanks to its powerful motor. It is durable, reliable, and waterproof. You can even use it in the shower and this can come in handy anytime.

Real talk, battery life isn’t everything, but it doesn’t hurt to have a trimmer that can deliver over four hours of cordless performance. xtava provides the ideal beard trimmer for black men who want a reliable product with an innovative design and a LED display that indicates the battery and oil levels.

Best Hair and Beard Trimmer for Black Men With Sensitive Skin

xtava Beard Trimmer for Black Males
xtava Pro Cordless Hair/Beard Trimmer

Its compact size makes it easy to maneuver and its remarkable battery life means you can carry it along on a trip without worrying about charging. Come to think of it, it is quite impressive how Xtava managed to pull that off though being lightweight and compact.

Key Features

Battery life: 4.5 hours run time
Blade material: Titanium-ceramic
Settings: 4 length settings
Accessories: Travel pouch, climbing combs (2), lubricating oil, cleaning brush, and charging adapter
Waterproof: No
Design: Compact size and lightweight
Type: Cordless
Warranty: Two years


xtava Pro Cordless Beard Trimmer is known for its long-lasting battery life. Our testers used it for about twenty minutes and the battery went from 100 percent to 93 percent.


On top of that, the sharp blades of the xtava Pro Cordless Hair Clippers and Beard Trimmer produce smooth, quick trims. Budget-conscious buyers are fond of this well-built facial hair trimmer as it is inexpensive yet it doesn’t feel cheap.


There is no need for any hand gymnastics as the beard shaver comes with an ergonomic design for optimal control. Also, it comes with four hair length settings (1.0mm, 1.3mm, 1.6mm, and 1.9mm), two double-sided length guards, a cleaning brush, lubrication oil, a charging adapter, and a storage pouch.

Each length guard (or guide comb) has a long side and a short side. They are labeled 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, and 12mm. And of course, it goes without saying that you can charge this clipper anywhere in the world, it supports 100 to 240 volts.

How to Clean xtava Beard Trimmer

A drop or two of the lubricating oil — on the teeth of the blade — is all you need to keep the beard trimmer at its best.

Reassembling the blade head after removal — for cleaning and lubrication — may be a bit difficult for some. It takes more push with the thumb than one would expect to remove the head. To reassemble the cutting head, set the depth adjustment to 1.9mm and make sure to properly position the center tab of the cutting head as you snap it back into place.

However, we do not recommend taking the head off.

What I Like

Incredible battery life
Gentle on sensitive skin
Solid grip control

What Can Improve

Not easy to clean

Final Verdict

The xtava beard trimmer is worth considering for those in need of a reliable facial hair trimmer that offers good value for money, has good battery life, and is easy to hold, use, and carry along on a trip. Interestingly, it is one of the best travel beard trimmers.

The Wahl’s 9864 takes full advantage of modern technology to produce a beard trimmer with superior craftsmanship.

Best Wahl Beard Trimmer for Thick Beards and Sharp Lines

Wahl Stainless Steel Lithium Ion 2.0+ Slate Beard Trimmer
Wahl Stainless Steel Li-ion 2.0+ Slate – Model 9864

This, no doubt, is one of the best facial trimmers for black men. It takes care of your whiskers like a pro. It is a professional-grade trimmer that is sturdy and appropriate for its price point.

Key Features

Battery life: 6 hours run time
Blade material: Self-sharpening stainless steel blade
Accessories: 12 attachment guards
Waterproof: No
Design: High-tech design
Type: Cordless


WAHL doubles the torque on this one. The battery life is nothing short of fantastic — six long hours of run time. On top of that, it has a powerful motor that enables the blade to glide through hair and beard as a hot knife cuts through butter. Plus, it is proudly made in the United States.

If you shave your beard twice every week, a single charge can last for two months. That’s an absolute marvel! It does make it a little heavy though but who’s complaining? The only downside we noticed was that some units had a quirky flaw.

What Happens When the Power Goes Below a Certain Level?

The clipper seems to act a bit weird when the battery is low — it either just stays on and won’t turn off or vice versa. One theory is, that the on/off circuit doesn’t work as intended when the voltage goes below or above a certain point. Plugging it in the charger stops this. At this point, the charger acts like a secondary off button, a reliable one at that.

To bypass this potential flaw, do not run down the battery before recharging it. Thankfully, this flaw doesn’t damage the trimmer and only a few reviewers experienced it. Upon charging it, the WAHL’s 9864 reclaims its birthright as the best long beard trimmer. This is rightly so because it offers one of the widest trimming ranges — 0.5mm to 25mm.

What I Like

Suitable for international travels
High-quality motor, blade, and attachments
Dependable battery life

What Can Improve

Some units act weird when the battery is low
It isn’t waterproof

Final Verdict

For the man who constantly forgets to charge his electronics, the Wahl beard trimmer offers enough battery life — six hours of run time at that — to get through the meanest of facial fuzz without being attached to a power cord.

Tell me, how fast should the motor of an electric beard trimmer really be? Supersonic? How about Panasonic? The Panasonic ER-SB40-K Beard Trimmer for Men delivers a cutting performance that is second to none — 9,800 cuts per minute — producing quick and comfortable trims.

Best African American Men’s Beard Trimmer for Stubble and Short Beards

Panasonic Cordless Precision Black Men's Trimmer
Panasonic Cordless Precision Trimmer – ER-SB40-K

It also helps that it has a wide tip blade, ensuring more work in less time. The ultrasharp stainless steel blade can be adjusted by means of a quick-adjust dial with a length range from 0.5mm to 10mm. The Panasonic ER-SB40-K gives you full control of how you intend to style a short beard, mustache, and sideburns with a 19-length-setting.

Key Features

Battery life: Up to 60 minutes of run time
Blade material: Ultrasharp stainless steel blade
Settings: 19 length settings
Accessories: Comb attachment
Waterproof: Yes
Design: Sleek and lightweight
Type: Corded and cordless


The Panasonic ER-SB40-K costs about a hundred bucks and for that price we expect it to trim the beard on its own. Surprisingly, it does but not quite. There has to be another reason why thousands of people like this product, we conjectured. So we did some digging to unravel the mystery. Here’s what we found out:

For one thing, the trimmer has a powerful motor. Think of it as the bulldozer of beard trimmers. But that isn’t enough to justify the price tag. Besides, the trimming length stops at 10mm. So what if I want to trim my beard at 20mm, say, I want a long beard trimmer?


Granted, this can be solved with a simple comb guard, but the weakness won’t exist in the first place if an additional 20mm comb guard is included in the box. Well, the interesting thing is, that’s the only weakness it seems to have. It checks every other box.


It has a snap-on trimmer attachment that stays on easily, and it doesn’t pop off while in use. It takes a matter of seconds to clean. Thanks to the waterproof feature, you can wash the cutting head when you are done trimming.

You can use it wet or dry, corded or cordless, for coarse or soft hair. It is hypoallergenic, which means that it doesn’t irritate the skin. All the more reason why it is the best stubble beard trimmer. As a bonus, it has an LED display that shows the power and charge status.

What I Like

Remarkably fast and powerful motor
Supports 19 length settings from 0.5mm to 10mm, ensuring effortless precision
Great build quality

What Can Improve

Doesn’t have a 20mm trimming length guard

Final Verdict

As a matter of fact, the Panasonic ER-SB40-K is the best stubble beard trimmer on the market. Trimming lengthier beards may not be its strongest suit, however, it has an unparalleled level of close shaving performance. That explains why it is often called the best short beard trimmer.

Sminiker’s Professional Beard Trimmer provides exceptional value for money to black men who want a reservoir of beard grooming tools.

Best Beard and Mustache Trimmer for Black Men

Sminiker Professional Beard and Mustache Trimmer for African American Men
Sminiker Professional 5-in-1 Beard and Mustache Trimmer

Its inexpensive asking price makes the accessories feel like generous gifts from a loved one at Christmas, only it is not December yet. We will take it anyway.

Key Features

Battery life: Up to 40 minutes of run time
Blade material: Tempered stainless steel blade
Settings: 7 length settings
Accessories: Hair combs, vertical trimmer, nose trimmer, micro shaver, precision trimmer, cleaning brush, charging adapter, and charging base
Waterproof: Splashproof
Design: Ergonomic handle
Type: Cordless

A Quiet Bad Boy

While Sminiker is not as famous as Wahl, it does hold up against a pair of Wahl magic clippers which are far more expensive. It is a quiet bad boy that mows through the most coarse facial fuzz with ease.


Assuming that’s not enough, you get seven different accessories, a traditional hair comb, hairdressing scissors, and razors fresh out of the box. Each guard comb is made with reinforced plastic.

What’s more, the shaving trimmer and all its attachments can be stored on its charging base for easy organization. And you can wash the trimmer in running water, making maintenance simple.


As you might have noticed, there are some weaknesses — the battery lasts for 40 minutes and it takes a long time to charge. While this is not the worst out there, it might be a little tricky to take on travels.

On the flip side, it is difficult to find a better value at this price point.

What I Like

Inexpensive all-in-one grooming kit
Excellent value for money
Can store all accessories on the charging bay
Easy on sensitive skin

What Can Improve

Decent quality of attachments
Not the best battery life

Final Verdict

Conclusively, the Sminiker beard and mustache trimmer has all the attributes required to trim beards of all sorts of lengths. The real value lies in the sheer number of attachments you get when you buy. Though it is very effective, it has a weakness: 40 minutes of battery life. Other than that, it is an excellent deal.

Cheap but effective. The Suprent Beard Trimmer is a steal that is capable of spoiling any man on a budget with premium features.

Best Budget Beard Trimmer for Black Men

Suprent Afro Men Beard Trimmer (Adjustable Length)
Suprent Beard Trimmer (Adjustable Length)

This pocket-friendly trimmer plows throw the hair like a mower without pulling any in the process. It takes about an hour to fully charge and provides about a week’s worth of cordless use on a full charge. Meanwhile, most budget trimmers take forever to charge.

Key Features

Battery life: Up to 70 minutes of run time
Blade material: Stainless steel
Settings: 7 length settings
Accessories: Micro-USB cable, trimming guard, and travel pouch
Waterproof: No
Design: Ergonomic handle
Type: Cordless
Warranty: One year


This budget-priced shaver comes with a single guard comb that can be adjusted between 2mm to 14mm, making it the best adjustable beard trimmer at its price point.


If you are prone to misplacing the attachments that come with clippers, then there is absolutely nothing to worry about with this trimmer. Fewer pieces mean you don’t have a ton of accessories to keep track of.

The trimming guard sacrifices close of shave for safety, with the lowest trimming length set at 2 mm. Speaking of safety, it comes with a safety lock that prevents the trimmer from turning on accidentally. This not only saves the battery but also protects the travel pouch, making it an ideal travel trimmer.

Again, bear in mind that it doesn’t have unnecessary attachments that could be forgotten if you pack your things while in a hurry for a trip. As if that isn’t enough, it supports micro-USB charging. So you can charge it almost anywhere if you want to.

As an extra, it has a detachable cutting head that can be washed in running water, making it a joy to clean.

What I Like

Solid performance
Fast charging
Supports micro-USB
Easy to clean

What Can Improve

Perhaps isn’t as effective when the guard comb is on

Final Verdict

For below twenty bucks, you get a trimmer with decent quality, fast charging, and good battery life. What more can we ask for? The Suprent beard trimmer is light as a feather yet has enough girth to maintain a solid grip while gliding through thick facial hair.

This list will be updated continually to show you the best options in the current market. Now let’s examine some essential points that were considered during the course of this research.

What Makes a Beard Trimmer Best for Black Men?

Barber using the best beard trimmer on a black man

Choosing the perfect beard trimmer for black men goes beyond its aesthetics or price. A more expensive trimmer doesn’t always translate to a better-performing trimmer.

Since our skin is more prone to inflammation, it is necessary to pay attention to some vital details when buying a trimmer for dark skin.

Let’s take a look at some of these components.

1. How Long the Battery Lasts

As technology continues to evolve, beard trimmers tend to rely less on corded power. As an alternative, they rely on rechargeable batteries (mostly Li-ion batteries). While we embrace this development, it comes at a price.

Most trimmers have questionable battery life. What’s more annoying is that some spend most of their useful life charging in exchange for a few minutes of run time. Imagine charging a battery for eight hours only to get forty-five minutes of run time. That’s absolutely ridiculous, to say the least.

What happens when one forgets to charge the trimmer? Even worse, it fizzles off while in the middle of a shave. It is like putting up with a bad relationship and hoping for a miracle that will never happen.

The best way to solve this problem is to avoid it in the first place. That’s why we’ve made a list of the best beard trimmers for black males. Some shaving trimmers on this list deliver four to six long hours of continuous usage (the xtava Pro and the WAHL’s 9864).

The second-best solution is to get a clipper with a remarkable charging speed. There are trimmers here that get a full charge within an hour and a few minutes (the Panasonic and the SUPRENT).

As a third option, which is definitely a worst-case scenario, you can learn to plug your trimmer when not in use and avoid emergency situations until you get a good trimmer.

2. Durability and Sharpness of the Blade

A lot goes into that sharp, durable, and precise blade you want so badly. What is it made of? Does it utilize self-sharpening technology? Will it irritate my skin? Is it adjustable? Can I clean or replace it easily?

Stainless steel blades are rust-resistant and usually don’t cause any skin irritation. They stay sharp even after months and, sometimes, years of use. That said, carbon-coated blades and titanium-coated blades are more durable than stainless steel. Ceramic blades, on the other hand, are sharper than stainless steel but more fragile. So not all blades are created equal.

3. Ease of Use and Precision Levels

Technically, all beard trimmers have length settings; the difference is the level of precision and range it offers. For stubble or short beards, you need a trim that gives good closeness of shave.

The best trimmers can be used to leave the hint of the hair intact, making it appear like a five o’clock shadow for men with dark hair. To achieve this, set the cutting head to anywhere between 0.5mm to 1.0mm.

Whereas to trim long beards the cutting head needs to be set at 20mm. You will need a guard comb to achieve this. Some long beard trimmers have 25mm, 30mm, and even 40mm guard combs. If you are doing any kind of variation a trimmer with different length options can help.

4. Availability of Accessories and Attachments

The type and number of accessories you get out of the box directly impact the trimmer’s capabilities. Some beard trimmers come with several trimming guards (or guard combs) that help to maintain a certain trimming length. This ensures a consistent trim, keeping the beard neat and aesthetically pleasing.

However, if all you need is a trimmer that will get your beard down to a stubble, then you need not worry too much about getting a model with tons of attachments. On the flip side, you may have a stubble now but who knows what the future might bring. It doesn’t hurt to have the luxury of tinkering between both styles.

Micro-USB charging cable, travel pouch, nose hair attachment, cleaning brush, and lubricating oil only add value to your trimming experience.

5. Ability to Work in a Wet Environment

There’s a little misconception about these terms but the difference is clear once you understand them. Waterproof trimmers can be submerged in water to a certain number of meters. They run no risk of water damage provided they are not immersed too deep into the water.

Water-resistant trimmers, on the other hand, are built in such a way that they handle average water splash. You can use it in the shower and even wash the cutting head. But they can’t be submerged in water.

They are coated with a very light substance that enables the trimmer to be a little resistant to water. So it is wise to avoid taking these trimmers into a bath.

Having said that, if you would like to groom your beard while in the shower you should consider getting a waterproof or water-resistant trimmer.

6. Build Quality and Design

How sturdy is the trimmer? How easy is it to use? These may seem like silly questions because all trimmers are the same right? Well, the more trimmers you use, the more you realize trimmers aren’t created equal.

This matters a lot because it can affect the trimmer’s performance and your overall user experience — solid grip control, lightweight, easy to maneuver, and superb quality. The goal is to own a trimmer that can satisfy your beard grooming needs for as long as possible.

7. Convenience

Generally, trimmers are either corded or cordless and, in some instances, both. They all produce good and helpful results.

The classic electric beard trimmer offers extra horsepower without worrying about battery life, while the cordless model gives you convenience, flexibility, and portability.

And the trimmer that offers both features combines the benefits of both worlds.

So choosing the right trimmer best equipped for your needs takes a bit of research. We’ve made sure to include products from different worlds to give you a clear idea of what a good trimmer looks like.

The Bottom Line

With the best beard trimmer for black men, beard grooming is less of a chore and more of an avenue to make a statement about your personality.

While most beard trimmers are designed to cut short hair, you will find some impressive long beard trimmers on the list. And if a budget-priced trimmer is your highest priority, we’ve found exactly what you’re looking for.

In fact, a majority of the clippers that made it to our list are well-priced because we believe in getting products that provide the best value for money. This is not to say that the trimmers listed here are the only good ones in today’s market. Far from it.

But these ones meet our expectations from years of beard grooming expertise while providing excellent customer satisfaction and immense quality. 

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