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Best Colognes for Black Men: Top 7 Signature Fragrances

Finding colognes that are specifically designed for black men is an adventurous rollercoaster.

the four best cologne for black men floating on water

You want something that smells fantastic, but getting the perfect scent is a balancing act between pleasing the nose and the wallet. Fear not! We’ve created a handy guide to help with the process.

In a rush? Here are my top picks:
Best Overall

Lacoste Blanc Cologne for Black Man
Lacoste Blanc Cologne

Exudes class

Signature scent
Spicy aromatic blend
Best Body Spray

Calvin Klein ETERNITY for African AmericanMen
Calvin Klein Eternity Body Spray

The budget icon

Attractive aroma
Splendid value for money
Reliable brand

It can be fun to find a new scent to wear that’s a little more distinguished and meaningful to discover a signature scent. And as the saying goes, you only get one chance to make a good first impression.

However, some smelling samples can knock you off. Fortunately, we did the legwork for you. We’ve compiled a list of the top scents for men that would surely suit your style. While each fragrance has a distinct aroma, a good cologne is a reliable companion to your daytime and nighttime wardrobe.

Also, keep in mind that smelling good goes beyond having a good scent, it’s about feeling fresh and exuding class, which starts with confidence.

Summary of the 7 Top-Rated Colognes for Black Men

While researching the best colognes, I try to test as many scents as possible and then write about my findings. My research takes me beyond traditional perfumery, delving into colognes from a variety of industries.

Best forColognes for Black Men
Best OverallLacoste Blanc Cologne
Body SprayCalvin Klein Eternity Body Spray
Eau de ParfumAzzaro The Most Wanted Eau de Parfum Intense
Eau de ToiletteMontblanc Men’s Eau de Toilette
Premium PerfumeCreed Aventus Eau de Parfum
Long-Lasting ScentKenneth Cole Reaction Eau de Toilette Spray
Masculine CologneTommy Bahama St. Barts Men Eau De Cologne

To stay on top of the latest cologne offerings, I checked in with every fragrance fan I know for recommendations. I teamed up with others as well, since I had to test a wide range of scents.

I’ve had my nose in many bottles of cologne for black men and have narrowed things down to a few of my favorites. Here’s a brief background check: I’ve been collecting colognes for years, and I know how hard it is to make a pick. In the end, Lacoste Blanc impressed me the most.

For a gentleman looking to invest in a refined scent, Lacoste Blanc is a great choice. It’s not overpowering, but the woody undertones give it a mature, sophisticated aura. It gives a fresh scent, but it’s not in the cucumber-melon way of fresh—more like cedar and grapefruit.

It’s perfect for a guy who wants to smell nice, but not overly so. It’s light and refreshing, yet not unduly sweet like a lot of other options out there.

Let’s begin, shall we?

What Are the Best Colognes for Black Men?

If you’re looking for the best colognes for black men, I recommend Lacoste Blanc and Calvin Klein Eternity Body Spray. Lacoste is a spicy aromatic blend, and Calvin Klein is one of my all-time favorites.

With the energetic and refreshing scent of citrus, this crisp and masculine scent is inspired by their iconic polo shirt. It’s a reinvention of masculinity, revealing a confident and agile side to a freedom-loving man.

The Best Overall Cologne for Black Men

Lacoste Blanc Cologne for Black Man
Lacoste Blanc Cologne

It invigorates with a burst of citrus at the start of the fragrance, giving way to spice and sea notes.

The result is a fresh, invigorating scent that is a perfect option for confident men. This resulting citrus blend has a crisp grapefruit accord with spicy notes of cardamom and clary sage. The perfume is the perfect complement to a day spent with friends.

The white perfume bottle and the tiny crocodile embroidery on the piqué engraving evoke the classic polo shirt created by René Lacoste. As a result of his forward-thinking style, he shortened the sleeves of a regular tennis shirt to create the first comfortable polo. His signature polo shirt featured a button-up collar.

Lacoste Blanc cologne is perfect for wearing on any occasion. You can enjoy the freedom of a classic, stylish fragrance. The freshness of this scent gives you the courage and comfort to free yourself—to reinvent the rules of the game. It’ll stimulate the playing of your own style.

The first time I smelled it, it got my attention immediately. You can’t grow out of it either. It feels young, fresh, and smells good. And there’s a hint of sweetness. It’s a scent I would wear, and it has a cool bottle with a lot of character!

What I Like

Signature scent
Based on the René Lacoste classic polo shirt
Lasts satisfactorily

What Can Improve

Availability in stores

Final Verdict

This is a wonderful cologne. My colleague can’t get enough of it. Whenever he is out, he always stocks up on a new bottle. It truly is a signature scent and does not have a musty or heavy aroma. The scent is still vibrant, airy, and lasts nicely on clothing. It’s a fragrance for both the summer and spring months.

Calvin Klein is a well-known brand of men’s cologne, which is characterized by its “contemporary, manly, and green” scent.

Launched by the design house of Calvin Klein in 1990, Eternity for Men cologne is recommended for daytime wear. This masculine scent possesses a blend of refreshing green botanicals and aromatic heart notes, creating an intriguing scent that will make you feel alive.

The cologne opens with a refreshing blast of lavender and mandarin. The heart is characterized by a bouquet of sweet herbs, while a classic woodsy base keeps the scent grounded. The rich heart develops into a warm, woodsy scent that settles on the skin. It’s a solid, sensual scent that you’ll find not at all overbearing.

It is designed for the seductive man and contains a blend of basil, amber, and sage. If you are looking for a cologne to get you laid, this is probably it.

The smell is very attractive, like that of a great man. Sometimes, I imagine what I smell like when I use this fragrance. Describing one’s own scent is always a tricky business. Well, the scent is nothing short of amazing. This cologne makes ladies tingle all over. It’s totally manly and romantic.

Calvin Klein’s Eternity suggests a mood of calm, sophisticated elegance while emphasizing a romantic quality. It is strong enough to get noticed but not oppressive.

If you can’t afford the cologne, you can save a few bucks getting the body spray. I like the splash bottle because one can always keep it in a bag and freshen up anytime. I tried several body spray scents and this was my favorite. So manly and sexy, and yet not domineering.

What I Like

Affordably priced body spray
The scent is appealing and masculine
Reliable brand

What Can Improve

The spray nozzle should do more 🙂

Final Verdict

Calvin Klein’s Eternity body spray is a long-lasting perfume that smells of mandarins and sweet spices. It is a vibrant fragrance for a man who refuses to be constrained by the status quo. It is a pleasant choice for everyday use.

An attractive, debonair man makes an entrance. He is cute, dreamy, and mysterious, arousing desire so every lady wants to be the object of his seduction. Everyone else watched and wished they were in his powerful presence. That is the feeling you get with the Most Wanted perfume by Azzaro.

Azzaro delivers an inviting and intriguing cologne for gentlemen who effortlessly get everyone’s attention.

Using hints of fig and cumin alongside a bold Oriental-inspired cologne, this bottle radiates an aura of freshly shaven skin. The cologne has notes of Fougère Oriental that are enhanced with woody, herbaceous notes.

The Most Wanted is a men’s fragrance that comes in a sleek black bottle with a dark pump. It has a slightly cylindrical shape with curved edges and a slightly understated design. The bottle comes in different blends depending on the amount of perfume in it.

This is probably my favorite of the collection. It’s a bit more mature than the others, and it’s fresh, yet warm and inviting. This is a scent that can improve your mood and ambiance. I smell absolutely stellar in this fragrance. But be warned, men and women alike will fall in love with you. In my opinion, The Most Wanted is appropriate for almost any situation.

When I sprayed the scent on my wrist during my review, the reaction was overwhelmingly positive. My co-workers have told me, “Dante, that’s a phenomenal scent. It’s sexy, modern and it suits you.”

What I Like

Deserves a place in a gentleman’s collection
It is appropriate for use in the fall and winter
Lasts for about 8 hours

What Can Improve

Counterfeit products are sold in some stores

Final Verdict

Azzora The Most Wanted cologne is notorious for rendering women speechless when a wearer enters the room. This scent is meant for a champion of the field whose male buddies want to be just like him when it comes to attracting ladies. It isn’t just for anyone but for those who want to invite admiration and desire wherever they go.

Montblanc Legend Cologne is a fresh and masculine fragrance for fashionable and confident men, who want to make a lasting impression.

Its classic masculine scent is housed in an eye-catching bottle with a star at its collar and Montblanc’s signature on its cap. These folks offer a nice, consistent scent that works well with most of my wardrobe.

I’ve never been one for sweet, heavy scents. Most of my friends appreciate this because I can give them a quick hug without making their eyes water. This scent is just masculine enough to pique their curiosity, yet not so strong as to make their eyes water.

The fragrance is sure to appeal to both sexes. It is an inexpensive product from an online vendor but will not seem cheap to its users. This is a great gift for a guy or for yourself. This scent is refreshing, clean, and alluring. Friends, family, and strangers alike will tell you how great you smell.

It’s a good choice for any season, though the summers are too hot for it here. You’ll get a lot of compliments on this scent. The price is very good for a designer brand. You can’t beat the value. A colleague told me that he uses this scent for special occasions like dates, interviews, and weddings. And always get compliments on it.

What I Like

Very versatile
A unique manly scent
Sturdy bottle

What Can Improve

A bit pricey

Final Verdict

If you wear Montblanc fragrance, you’ll smell very nice in autumn, winter, and spring. You’ll get a lot of compliments on this scent. Whether you’re at the office or out with friends, this is one you’ll want to keep in your rotation.

The Aventus for men’s perfume is a creation of the French fashion house Creed. It was released in 2010 as the company’s fourth scent. It was inspired by the classic elements of nature: water, wind, earth, and fire.

Best Premium Perfume for Black Men

Creed Aventus Eau de Parfum
Creed Aventus Eau de Parfum

Aventus is a premium perfume that’s reminiscent of the finest qualities you’d expect to find among fragrances for men. The cologne is a zesty, fruity, and refreshing blend of lavender, pineapple, apple, and black currant that projects a compelling presence.

Accompanying those notes are jasmine and rose, with patchouli, amber, and more to add body to the scent. The combination is pleasing and stimulating, without being unnecessarily strong or harsh.

Creed is made for the man who has his own style and is not afraid to stand out from the crowd. It instills confidence as well as reflects one’s style and personality. It smells and feels like cologne, but it lasts all day and goes with everything.

This is a great scent that I would recommend for men who want to feel fresh and confident throughout their busy day. This fragrance pairs well with outdoor activities like tennis, golf, and more.

Although there are many inferior imitations on the market, Creed’s Aventus is by far one of the most impressive and long-lasting of all perfumes. It smells really great and the staying power is impeccable! All other colognes, even those from other popular and well-known brands, do not compare to this product.

Regardless of the price, I would recommend this cologne if you can afford it.

What I Like

Last all through the day
Premium, masculine scent
A memorable bouquet

What Can Improve

Too many knock-offs

Final Verdict

The Creed Aventus cologne smells wonderful, lasts for many hours, and is dependable every time. I’ve tried other scents and have been disappointed, but this one never fails to please.

Kenneth Cole Reaction opens with a citrusy blast, then evolves into a masculine scent with a green note and a hint of musk. Its top notes are a blend of green apple and lime. The heart is made up of fresh watermelon and Muguet. The base has a strong musk and leather accord.

The cologne comes in a glass bottle with a base shaped to create an optical illusion. The bottle is shaped like a prism, and as the light hits it, the cologne will appear to shine in different colors. The modern metallic cap contrasts with other products in this list.

The cologne does smell great, as I’m told by the woman who prefers the male version of the cologne. I’ve only met a couple of men who actually wear it, but they do love it! Several women have told me that they like the scent on their men, and a few of us agreed that it smelled masculine and expensive.

When a man who wears Kenneth Cole cologne every day was asked what his wife thinks of his scent, he said, “She loves it. She tells me it’s very natural and alluring, like citrus and watermelon.”

This cologne is very seductive. Most people will want to make out with you after you wear it. It lasts all day, and a little spritz goes a long way. Every day is a great day for you and the people who want you. The bottle lasts a long time, even with daily use.

Colognes are not only to attract attention, but they also help make you feel as though you’re a sexier person. The Kenneth Cole Reaction cologne is one of the best-smelling colognes around, and it looks great on men.

The cologne might be a little pricey, but it’s worth the price for the lovely scent.

What I Like

Fresh and clean scent
Awesome gift for a partner
Cruelty-free and vegan

What Can Improve

The spray pump expels too much cologne
Blue bottles were more appealing

Final Verdict

If you love a black man’s cologne, Kenneth Cole Reaction is the one. It makes you want to hug the man wearing it close and snuggle him. The cologne’s scent is so fabulous that it’s hard for a woman to pass up touching a man wearing it! It’s long-lasting and unique.

As you spray the Tommy Bahama St. Barts Men’s Cologne, you can imagine yourself on a beach in the Caribbean.

This sophisticated, island-inspired fragrance for men is made with an exhilarating blend of sea vine, guava nectar, and blue agave tequila, providing a feeling of tranquility even when you’re far from the sea. The cologne lets you smell like you’ve just come home from a vacation on the beach.

I adore this scent! It really smells like a blended frozen cocktail, freshly blended. This scent is perfect for the summer! The scent resembles Creed’s Virgin Island Water but is lighter and with an even more vibrant and clear tone. Creed is heavily based on coconut, while Tommy Bahama is more of a frozen Margarita.

This cologne has great staying power. One spritz of this fragrance at ten in the morning and you’ll still smell it at six in the evening. It’s nearly limitless, which is great for guys.

What I Like

A gentle, tropical scent
Modern-looking bottle design

What Can Improve

I prefer the old brown variant

Final Verdict

If you want a cologne with a clean scent and a lingering spicy feel to it, then Tommy Bahama St. Barts Men’s cologne is for you. It will smell like a mix of sea vine and tequila. The availability of this fragrance in online stores like Amazon is also a plus.

This list is likely to continue to grow over time. I will continue to have my nose out for more scents so that other fragrance lovers like myself can benefit from their existence.

How to Find the Best Cologne for Black Men

top 3 cologne for African American Men

Want to leave a lasting impression? Then, you need a scent that makes you stand out from the crowd. There are a lot of things to consider, including the scent itself and the cost of the product.

There are so many fragrances on the market today that aim to create a unique smell for their wearer. Although the goal is admirable, it is important to be careful and take a thoughtful approach. There is no need to settle on a certain fragrance because it is the first one you tried.

Smelling good is just a small part of what a cologne can—and should—do for you. So you can test different fragrances to find one that complements your personality. Some fragrances might smell amazing on others, but smell awful on you. Also, it is important to check if it follows FDA recommendations.

Let’s talk about a few things to keep in mind.

1. Learn About the Various Notes of Colognes

In order to understand the scent of cologne, you need to know the notes. That is the blend of ingredients that influences its scent; it could be plants, fruits, essential oils, or aromatics. They add complexity to the overall scent of cologne.

If you know the core notes of a good fragrance, then you will know how to find one that will work in representing the mood you wish to project. It can be used to convey a certain feeling, such as relaxation or something that makes you feel stronger.

Have you noticed that certain fragrances cater to the moods of others? Well, you can create a mixture that complements your own persona.

Now, let’s talk about the three categories of notes: top notes, middle notes, and base notes.

Top Notes

When you first spritz a cologne, the first scents to hit your nostrils are the top notes. It has a strong aroma when the fragrance is newly opened, then it gradually fades. You can smell it for a few minutes. After about 20 minutes, you’ll notice more of the mid and base notes.

The top note scents are designed to stimulate and surprise your nose for just a short time, then disappear. The scent is typically made from smells like cinnamon and pepper, as well as musk, making it slightly surprising but not lingering too long.

Middle Notes

When first applied, a fragrance’s top notes are most noticeable. As time passes and the fragrance is exposed to air and skin, the middle notes emerge and eventually become the dominant scents. The middle notes can be light and delicate or deep and musky. Its intensity lessens over time, but it always plays a part.

The middle notes also called the heart notes, are one of the longest-lasting components of a cologne. It’s the presence of the middle note that makes the wearer smell distinctly like the cologne. It often has the most complex smell of all. That said, they can also be very strong. It’s very comfortable and lasts longer than the top note and base note.

Base Notes

The base notes of cologne are the scent that lingers after the top and middle notes wear off. It is the longest-lasting element in a fragrance, sometimes lasting all day. This is the final scent before it evaporates. Despite being the last to hit, it tends to be the longest-lasting.

The most subtle of all the fragrance notes, base notes are typically bitter, musky, smoky, and watery. They are meant to augment the heart and top notes, which are the most prominent. The base note is also known as the fixative.

2. Familiarize Yourself With Scents

The next time you like a perfume or cologne that someone else is wearing, ask them what it is. Asking people whose cologne they’re wearing whenever you really like how they smell is one way to familiarize yourself with different scents. They will appreciate the compliment! They chose to wear that scent to smell nice, and they’re more than happy to share the knowledge of their choice. Just make sure you’re not coming off as creepy.

Not too many people ask this question because they are afraid to ask someone else about the perfume. You should do this because, even if you can’t buy the scent yourself, you can ask where it came from and shop online. It would also help you learn more about the cologne scents.

3. Be Mindful of Seasonality and Fragrance Families

It is advisable to mix and match scents based on the seasons since something that’s right for winter might not be right for summer. The differences between a fragrance’s winter, summer, and fall notes can provide pleasant surprises throughout the year.

One of my favorite ways to get around the issue of having only one favorite fragrance is to rotate my scent. I like to alternate between several different colognes for several months so that I can experience different notes and scents at different times of the year. I believe that different notes speak to different seasons. In the winter, I usually choose a scent that’s warm and spicy, like warmed wood, while in the summer I prefer a cool green fragrance.

4. Make a Choice Between Mainstream and Unique Scent

Some people prefer to wear expensive and distinctive scents that other people will notice, while others simply go with what others are wearing. When you choose a mainstream scent, you risk smelling just like everybody else. The upside is that you’re safe from smelling like something unpleasant that would offend people or otherwise get in the way of your relationships.

At work, if you pick a scent that matches the way other people around you smell, it is a safe choice. There is a low risk of offending anyone as you’ll blend into the background. Going for a slightly more unique scent will also keep you from smelling like everyone else. But these scents can create problems when they clash with someone else in the office.

Personally, I would always prefer a signature scent. However, if you want something a little more low-key, there are options mentioned in this article.

5. Examine the Fragrance

They say you can’t know a book by its cover. And the same goes for your cologne. So how do you decide what smells best, what will fit your style, and what’s appropriate for your age?

When you purchase a fragrance, you want to be sure you love it. And to do that, you have to try it out before you commit to it. Luckily, many fragrance houses offer samplers. A lot of the time, stores will sell testers, but if not, call the business and confirm.

If you can, try the scents on your skin before you shell out money. If you have any doubts, get a smaller-sized sample, but don’t completely rely on the opinions of others. Each man and woman are different, and it’s up to you to get what works best.

Cologne is a personal purchase, and you want to be sure that you and your body chemistry are compatible before you invest in it.

The Bottom Line

If you like to smell sporty, Lacoste Blanc is a good option. It is the best cologne for black men and a favorite of mine. But it may not be the best choice for everyone. That is because cologne is subjective, and you might have a preference for a different scent.

No worries: keep in mind that there are other colognes on this list that are also solid options. Calvin Klein Eternity Body Spray is a light, clean scent. It doesn’t have any bad or lingering odors. If you’re looking for a bottle that works well in a variety of different settings, then you can try Montblanc Men’s Eau de Toilette.

It’s appropriate for formal and informal occasions, which makes it good for both daily use and occasional wear. If you’re planning on wearing cologne to an important meeting or to a momentous event, such as a wedding ceremony or a party, you should wear a scent that isn’t out of place.

Specialized colognes, like our top picks, smell great and are reasonably priced. I recommend them if you prefer something less generic than what’s sold in drugstores. The purpose of this review is to help you find the best cologne to wear on a date, to work, or wherever you’re headed.

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