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Best Clippers for Black Men: Top 7 Hair Trimmers

Ever had a haircut so nasty it looked like you got jumped and lost? It’s frustrating, to say the least. Therein lies yet another reason to care about the tool used to get a haircut.

The top 4 clippers for black men on a marble table

The right set of clippers can make all the difference. They can style black men’s hair in a variety of ways. Simply put, they are the ideal grooming tool. Whether you want to trim your hair, maintain a fade, or get a bald hairstyle, clippers are very important.

In a rush? Here are my top picks:
Best Overall

StyleCraft Protege Clipper for Black Men
StyleCraft Protégé Clipper

The value king

Great bang for buck
280-minute run time
Powerful motor
Best for Lineups

BaBylissPRO GoldFX Trimmer for Men
BaBylissPRO GoldFX Trimmer

Premium feel, delightful results

Beautiful design
Sharp adjustable blades
Great battery life

The best hair clippers are designed with long-lasting blades and efficient motors that give comfort and movement, eliminating undesirable snags and unsightly clumps.

Naturally, black hair is curly, coarse, and difficult to cut. To add to that, not all clipper combs are capable of cutting through afro hair. It is often recommended to use professional clippers for black men to shave and trim their hair.

Summary of the Best Hair Clippers for Black Men

In my quest to find the best clippers for black hair, I had to interact with some professional barbers, research products, and extract insights from other black men. Then, I matched clippers to different hairstyles. This is important because a fading clipper may not be great for the hairline.

Best forClippers for Black Hair
Best OverallStyleCraft Protégé Clipper
LineupsBaBylissPRO GoldFX Trimmer 
Black HairAndis 01557 Professional Master Adjustable Clipper
BarbersOster Classic 76 Universal Motor Clipper
Buzz CutWahl Clipper Elite Pro Clipper
Bald HeadRemington HC4250 Trimmer
BeginnersPanasonic ER 1411s Hair Clipper

When you’ve got the right tool in hand, giving yourself a cut becomes a fast and easy operation.

Let’s get down to it!

What Are the Best Clippers for Black Men’s Hair?

The StyleCraft Protege Clipper is the best clipper for black men’s hair. It proved to be superior to all the clippers we tested. It provides the ideal mix of features for what we need in terms of cutting black men’s hair.

With a stainless-steel fade blade, you can easily adjust to a zero-gap setting or blend your fade haircut into the skin, achieving the desired results in no time.

Keep in mind that the BaBylissPRO and Andis trimmers are worthy contenders for the number one spot. A detailed review is given below.

Looking for the best clipper for black hair? The StyleCraft Protege Clipper might be just what you’ve been searching for.

The Overall Best Clipper for Black Hair

StyleCraft Protege Clipper for Black Men
StyleCraft Protégé Clipper

While some clippers are unable to trim the hairline, neckline, ear region, and jawline, the StyleCraft clipper gives distinct lines, precise edging, and a smooth finish. I find the drop-top lid on the trimmer very helpful, as it can be adjusted to reveal the blade.

Interestingly, this edge clipper for black hair is more affordable than the average Andis’ and Wahl’s and does a better job. It can be used for trims, fades, buzz, and simple touch-ups. One could expect a clipper of this quality to be expensive, but that is not the case. I find the price really attractive, and I’m not even easily pleased.


It comes with a cleaning kit, 3 comb attachments, and a mini-USB charging cable. The shallow tooth cutter in the trimmer is made of stainless steel and works well with other blades. Even fans of Andis can make good use of the trimmer.

The guards that come with the clipper are magnetic, and the guards of other products are also compatible. The drop-top lid on the blade helps in dissipating heat and keeping it cool. Hence, they are more durable than those of competitors.

If you’d love to touch up the body of the clipper, that is also possible. There are two body kits available. You can get either the translucent neon green or the grey marble-like material that comes as an addon for this trimmer. This makes it easy to switch up the appearance and style. The cover is easy to replace and can be drawn on.


The StyleCraft Protégé Clipper is a high-performance clipper, ideal for hair cutting. With the zero-gap setting, you are unlikely to leave any strands of hair behind. This is as close as a trimmer can get to a razor blade. Even for a close shave, you’d find the clipper handy. The 6,000 RPM motor ensures that it glides through the hair effortlessly without any obvious noise.

I’ve had friends complain that some very good clippers they had were too heavy, but this trimmer is different. I compared it with a Wahl clipper, and I noticed it was considerably lighter.


The trimmer is wireless, offering freedom of movement with a 280-minute cordless run time. This is better than the average battery life of most rechargeable clippers. A number of trimmers would last barely 2 hours. With great battery life, a barber wouldn’t tussle with wires to give you a nice trim.

Wired clippers are getting outdated for many reasons, and maneuvering while trimming is one of them. Imagine a clipper that gives 4 hours of run time with just half the charge. Amazing, I must say.

What I Like

Superb bang for the buck
Powerful rechargeable motor
Effective on different hair types
Comes with different magnetic guards
Easy to carry

What Can Improve

The blade isn’t the best

Final Verdict

If you are in need of a travel clipper that is reasonably priced, easily customized, and has a powerful engine, then you may want to check out the StyleCraft Protégé Trimmer. Compared to Babyliss, Andis, and Wahl trimmers, it is good value for money. The blades are extremely precise and they glide through the hair smoothly. Even a professional barber would find the several charging methods helpful.

When styling black men’s hair, it’s important to get the best tools for the job. In terms of trimmers, the BabylissPRO GoldFX is of high quality and a good choice.

If you like the Andis T-Outliner, you should give the BaBylissPRO Trimmer a try. It’s the trimmer my barber uses and recommends for his clients. This is an electric trimmer that runs on batteries and is quieter than even the Wahl senior.

Even if you have sensitive skin and have only used actual razors and shaving cream up until now, this electric shaver can deliver the same sharpness as a razor blade in seconds. This product is marketed as both a foil-and-blade shaver, and it’s fantastic at both tasks. Just make sure to prepare your hair properly before getting started.

Ergonometric Design

Don’t let the flashiness of the BaBylissPRO Trimmer – Ferrari of clippers – fool you. It’s ergonomically designed to fit easily in the hand while providing you with a comfortable grip. It’s beautifully designed with a gold, Maglite-style handle that has a nice texture to it. The design of the trimmer blade is great because there’s nothing obstructing the view when lining up with a mirror.

I also like the fact that they included a device for zero gapping, adjusting the blade, and removing the amount of space between the blade and the side guide, which in turn enables a close shave or fade haircut.


The battery life on the BaBylissPRO Trimmer is very good. This lithium-ion battery does well for a cordless hair trimmer. There is no reason to be worried about whether the battery will last a long time.

Users have attested that it lasts for up to five hair trims. Even with a buzz cut, the battery would last a long time. Although the StyleCraft Protégé Clipper lasts longer, the BaBylissPRO’s battery life is almost as excellent.

Beautiful and functional, this BaBylissPRO trimmer is a must-have for an enthusiast, a career barber, or a hairstylist. The blades are sharp and the motor is powerful. The result is a smooth clean-cut. If you’re an individual who enjoys the combination of performance and good looks, this model from BaBylissPRO is an excellent pick.

What I Like

Beautiful design
Sharp adjustable blades
Great battery life
Powerful motor

What Can Improve

A little drop in price would be great

Final Verdict

I find BaBylissPRO shaver to be quiet, more like the old-fashioned electric razors, but it is a lot more modern. As it is often said, this is the Ferrari of clippers. I like how the trimmer runs. It runs quietly, so noise doesn’t interfere with the enjoyment of shaving.

Hair lineups aren’t difficult when you’re using this. It feels very stable in my hand and it works very well. Conclusively, the rechargeable battery holds its charge for a long time.

We all love it when our skin is smooth, but in order to keep it that way, we have to keep up with facial hair. I love the smooth feel of my face after my evening shave—and I’m unlikely to use anything besides the Andis clipper for this.

It’s one of the clippers I have in my collection. The Fade Masters are the ones to go with if you want to go bald. For a cleaner cut, try the regular fade masters, which include a lever that sweeps down to zero and backs up to a full cut.


The Andis Master has a classic design that’s quite striking. It’s also made from sturdy aluminum. For customers interested in good, reliable hair clippers, I recommend the Master Clippers from Andis. They can help fire up your creative juices, irrespective of your hairstyle.

For stylists seeking good clippers, this is the place to look. This clipper has been used to do fades and tapers in over a thousand barbershops in the US. I’ve found them to be an excellent pair of blades, and have never had any problems with them.

Plus, with its extra-sharp coat of carbon, you’ll be able to shave with just one pass, so there’s a lower chance of irritation. That can also reduce the possibility of getting razor bumps.

Corded Usage

I’ve reviewed the corded version of clipper. The cord doesn’t hinder the clipper’s accessibility or efficiency. Rather, it is a necessity, since the motor powers the 14,000 strokes per minute, and you wouldn’t have a battery to handle that. You may be surprised by how quiet it works; I was actually expecting it to make a lot of noise.

In order for this device to function as expected, you should oil the blades with a high-quality lubricant before and after each use. Please use lightweight oil only.

A few drops can prevent the hair from getting stuck in the blades. This will help keep you from having to remove hair from the blades with a pair of tweezers. If you don’t want to bother with this procedure, you might consider one of the other models in this article.

If you’re willing to put in the time and effort to maintain your equipment, the Andis Master provides a high-quality cut. Its performance is one reason it made it to our best clippers for black men list.

What I Like

Great for fades
Powerful motor (14,000 rpm)
Good design

What Can Improve

Limited availability
Not cordless

Final Verdict

This Andis clipper is a corded trimmer. Powered motors like this one normally have loud noise, but thankfully this one is quieter than you’d expect. Andis does an awesome job of blending out lines and fades.

It doesn’t get hot quickly, so it can work for as long as you need it. Plus, it feels great in one’s hands and vibrates a little, but not much. I’d recommend them for newbies who are considering getting a corded clipper.

If you’ve been searching for a professional-grade trimmer with incredible horsepower, then you’ve found it. The Oster Classic has a nice premium weight, feel, and look to it, and it really performs as advertised.

Best Professional Clipper for Barbers

Oster Professional Hair Clipper
Oster Classic 76 Universal Motor Clipper

It’s funny how it looks like an old-fashioned straight-edge razor, but it shaves you faster and more accurately than any old clipper I ever knew. The trimmer lines up sideburns, beards, and mustaches professionally.


The Classic 76 from Oster is one of the best heavy-duty clippers you’re likely to find anywhere. It has a powerful one-speed motor that delivers consistent and efficient performance, yet it’s also easy to clean. With a 1.3-horsepower motor, it always runs smoothly, even with a heavy load.

Oster Professional Hair Clipper Blade

Many people refer to this clipper as “The Beast,” and rightly so. The clipper eats through hair quickly and mercilessly. People have used these trimmers for decades without encountering any problems.

It can be used to maintain a close shave or a fade. Many barbers using this clipper have complimented the speed and ease of cutting hair as well as its high performance. It never gets hot, it’s super-fast and it cuts hair like butter.


This product comes with a range of useful features, such as clipper grease, blade guard, lubricating oil, cleaning brush, and a variety of interchangeable blades. This is everything you need to keep your clippers in top condition.

Corded Usage

You won’t expend power too quickly with this corded trimmer. You’ll get a consistent level of power throughout your trimming session, and the nine-foot cord gives you plenty of room to move around. As it uses a cord, you aren’t limited by battery life.

A friend has used this clipper for 6 years now and they’re still going strong. He never replaced the blade and only oiled it every few months for maintenance. The thing is, they’re so professional-grade, that they can cut any type of hair. This trimmer is fantastic and it’s easy to maintain.

What I Like

Tough plastic casing
Includes a couple of nice extras
Super motor

What Can Improve

Speed limitation
Not everyone may find this retro look appealing

Final Verdict

The Oster clipper is very quiet, soft on the skin, and trims hair as a knife cuts through butter without irritating one’s skin. It’s not as noisy as other clippers that hurt people’s ears, it trims skin gently, and it’s easy to use. My advice is to take your time while using this trimmer. It includes a comb set for precision trimming.

Wahl is recognized for creating the best balding clippers for black hair, and the Wahl Elite Pro Clipper is no exception to that rule; it is, in fact, a professional-grade clipper.

Best Hair Clipper for Buzz Cut

Wahl Clipper Elite Pro High-Performance
Wahl Elite Pro Clipper

This shaver will give you a close, comfortable shave without the nicks, cuts, and irritation that come from using a straight razor. For the most professional experience, trust this hair clipper to get the job done right.


This barber clipper comes in a unique design and performs like a dream. Its high-quality motor and blades make it a handy tool for any barbershop.

I like that it was designed to be easy to maneuver and equally easy to grip. The electromagnetic motor cuts hair twice as quickly as traditional hand-powered clippers, allowing barbers to complete their daily shave at lightning speed.

These clippers allow the hairstylists to cut their clients’ hair in a variety of ways, from close shaves to haircuts with sharp lines. The clipper usually lasts longer; its blades don’t dull as quickly and it cuts thicker and coarser hair with ease. With the adjustable taper lever, it’s easy to make fades and blends.

How to Use the Wahl Elite Pro Clipper

The blades of the Wahl clipper are sharp, so be careful to avoid cuts. Move your hand slowly. This will ensure you have a smooth cut. Otherwise, you may end up with a high-top haircut or a bowl haircut.

This clipper comes with a variety of attachments for styling and trimming hair, a cleaning brush, an oil bottle, and blade guards making it a complete hair-grooming package. With those accessories, you’ll be able to cut hair with precision.

Even after years of use, the clipper should stay sharp, provided you oil the blade and clean it out once every two weeks, just as you would with a manual razor.

What I Like

Guard combs stay in place
Solid closed and open guard adjustment
Durable motor

What Can Improve

Not cordless
A bit heavy

Final Verdict

The Wahl Pro clipper is the barber’s favorite and for lovers of buzz cuts. A high-quality product is worth the price. The clipper guards are highly effective and versatile. The build quality is great. The housing seems sturdy, the parts and attachments are high quality, and it’s just easy to use. The kit also comes with a handy case to keep everything organized.

Remington’s latest hair trimmer includes all the features you’d expect from a modern shaver. The compact design makes for an easy, firm grip, and the device is sharp enough to get to the back of your head and also to trim your sideburns.

This is the best clipper for a black male’s face. For a budget-friendly clipper, we love this Remington model for its sturdy build and adjustable power settings.


I’m very excited about the Remington HC4250’s cordless feature. This model is totally cordless, so you can use it anywhere. You’ll also love all the accessories that come with this model.

The clippers come with 9 different length combs, from one-sixteenth of an inch to five-eighths of an inch, that can be used to give you the exact look you want. The kit also includes a convenient carry pouch, a bottle of oil, and a cleaning brush. Literally, everything you need for a close and personal trimmed look.

The clipper can run with or without a cord, so you will never be tied down and can cut your hair or beard wherever you go. It also has a quick-charge feature that allows it to run for up to 40 minutes after just an hour of charging.


This trimmer’s wide-curved blade hugs your head comfortably to ensure a precise, even, and smooth cut. This self-haircut clipper is lightweight and has a comb for detangling wet hair.

Others who have tried this new electric shaver have been really pleased with the purchase. That’s because it takes less time than a manual shaver to get the job done, and is easier to clean. Plus, you’ll recoup the cost of the shaver in no time.

Use the comb attachment to trim your hair if the blades are extremely sharp for your use. The length can be adjusted very simply with the provided comb attachments. When you use the shorter attachment to trim, the result is a very smooth, run-your-fingers-through-your-hair smoothness. It can trim your head completely bald and leave a little fuzz on top.

Well, I cannot promise that this hair trimmer will last a long time or cut extremely well. As with any product you purchase, you must take care of it and maintain it with diligence. While I have seen the hair trimmer operate for months at a time, I am not able to guarantee its longevity.

This hair clipper is waterproof and can be rinsed clean for easy cleanup. Plus, the comfortable grip makes for a safe, easy trim. There are not many clippers like this one.

What I Like

Wide curved blade
Superb balding clipper
Easy to maintain

What Can Improve

Lack of adjustable blade
The case for accessories is small

Final Verdict

If you just want to remove all of the hair from your scalp without using a razor, the Remington clipper set is the way to go. I personally don’t use them much. That’s because it is not an option for those of us with curly hair. This shaver can help you achieve that with easy cleaning. I do recommend this hair shaver because it’ll pay for itself in just six weeks.

The Panasonic ER 1411 clipper has stainless-steel blades and is praised by many for being sleek and durable.

Best Clipper for Beginners and Home Use

Panasonic ER 1411s Hair Clipper
Panasonic ER 1411s Hair Clipper

The company is also well-known for its prompt customer service when it comes to problems with any of its products. This is definitely one of the best clippers for black men.

The Panasonic clipper comes highly recommended for the user who wants a top-quality product. It comes with a range of accessories, including a precision trimmer and a cleaning brush. And Panasonic has manufactured hair clippers for decades.


The hair clipper’s adjustable blade angles can be set to any position, so you can shave just about anywhere—it’s perfect for taking care of your underarms, chest, legs, and other hard-to-reach areas. It is designed to glide smoothly over the hair, so you will be done shaving in no time. You won’t have to worry about any tugs and pulls, the blades will cut your hair with ease.

Shaving with a Panasonic clipper is just a breeze! The powerful motor and premium blade will work together to give you an excellent shave. Its operation and shave quality are easy on the hands. No excessive vibrations. This hair clipper offers five different cutting lengths ranging from 0.5 mm to 18 mm, making it ideal for trimming hair anywhere on the body.


It takes just 60 minutes to charge this Panasonic trimmer, enough to keep it running for 80 minutes. The charger for the clipper may have a foreign plug. This can be adapted for use in an American outlet by using a plug extender. Plus, the lightweight design makes it easy to handle, while the durable body also makes it highly portable.

What I Like

Good for a close shave
Durable and replaceable battery
Breezy operation
Solid motor

What Can Improve

Has a Japanese plug

Final Verdict

The Panasonic clipper is ideal for close shaves, as it cuts quickly and close to the scalp. There are only a few trimmers that cut so crisply as this. It can be used to give you a close shave. Whereas most older clipper types leave a 1 mm thick layer of hair, the clipper will give you the closest shave possible without leaving any matting behind. The clipper is perhaps one of the best clippers for a close shave.

I will work to keep this list fresh and current in order to always provide the best clippers for black men. So, now let’s talk about what makes these clippers so special.

Important Questions to Ask When Buying Clippers for Black Hair

Top 3 hair clippers

When purchasing a new hair clipper set, it’s important to not just look at the clippers in terms of price, but also the features they offer.

If you’re not looking to spend a lot on a clipper, you may want to consider the different trimmer attachments that the set comes with, as well as whether it’s simple to store the hair clippers when they are not in use and how easy it is to operate.

Does It Come With the Attachments You Need?

Most hair clipper sets have a variety of attachments, making them more versatile than those with a limited number. You can check out the StyleCraft Protégé Clipper, which comes with a variety of attachments and gives you the power of many clippers.

Whether for a tight fade or a swooping side part, this hair clipper comes with all the attachments. If you prefer a clipper with many attachments, then check out the Philips Norelco Multigroom 5100. You get a grooming kit in the form of a shaver with 18 different attachments.

How Powerful Is the Motor?

When cutting thick hair, look for clippers with fast motors and long-lasting batteries, as well as models that provide a quiet buzzing sound, which will make grooming much easier.

I’ve found that battery-operated clippers aren’t powerful enough to trim very thick hair. It would take more time to achieve a close shave. While they may appear more fashionable, a clipper with an AC power cord would do better.

Is It Corded or Cordless?

Which do you prefer? A corded clipper or a cordless one? If you would like to have a cordless clipper, make sure to look for one with a battery run time of at least two hours. The StyleCraft Protégé Clipper can give a run time of 4 hours, hence why it is the best clipper on our list. Please note that the majority of cordless clippers have a run time of 2 hours. 

How Sharp and Durable Are the Blades?

If you don’t want to be disappointed by your hair clippers cutting unevenly, choose ones with sharp blades. Hence, sharp blades are a necessity when shopping for hair clippers.

Self-sharpening blades can help keep your haircut sharp, but if you’re going for an intense cut, look for rust-proof options. High-quality blades do not usually need to be replaced.

Is It Noisy?

You may also want to consider the sound of a clipper before you purchase one. The noise from a trimmer could get really annoying. Be sure to find a quiet one. You can shave your hair in the night without waking your partner when you get a clipper with lower decibel levels.

Does It Have a Good Grip?

Shaving is simple, right? Not necessarily. But don’t forget to protect yourself while you’re at it. First, use a comfortable grip, such as with the Remington Self-Haircut Kit.

Make sure you don’t cut or bruise your scalp. The BaBylissPRO GoldFX Series is a good place to start—with a comfortable grip and ergonomic design. It fits comfortably in the hand, allowing for a relaxed grip and effortless handling.

Keep an eye out for material on the grip. The underside of a hair clipper’s grip also tells you something about how comfortable it may be to hold. Rubber gives you a good, solid grip—as does plastic. But plastic also tends to be slippery—which can hurt you when you’re shaving.

What About Warranty?

The clipper I ordered came with a warranty. A manufacturer’s warranty lets you know how much faith they have in their product. Since an electric shaver can break down, it’s comforting to know that the product can be replaced for free within the warranty period.

Most manufacturers provide either a 6-month, one-year, two-year, or lifetime guarantee on their products. A product that uses electrical current is bound to have issues from time to time.

Is It Too Heavy?

The weight of a clipper is an important consideration. The weight of your clipper is as crucial as its dimensions for shaving comfort. The best clipper for black men doesn’t have to weigh so much.

A light clipper will allow you to move it more easily, making the shaving process more comfortable and enjoyable. It will be easy to maneuver around difficult areas, like your nose, and under your lips. A heavy hair clipper might be too tiring to use. The lightweight ones are ideal for everyday use.

That’s not all.

Can You Clean and Maintain It Easily?

We all want a hair clipper that’s easy to clean and maintain. After all, the chore of shaving is enough. But you don’t have to endure the chore of cleaning if you choose a clipper with fewer gaps between the blades.

Thus, less hair will be left behind. Also, you will not have to clean up as many clippings from the floor or from your bathroom counter. Also, cleanup is easy if you use a clipper with interlocking blades and replaceable guards.

For added convenience, a waterproof hair clipper makes it possible to rinse off after each use. So, you can wash it in the sink, ensuring it’s always ready for use. To increase use cases, get a water-resistant option. It can even be used in the shower.

Does It Cost A Fortune?

Once you have considered everything previously suggested, think about the price. It is worthwhile to find out exactly how much you are prepared to spend on a hair clipper before you shop. Hair clippers range in price from about $15 to $250, depending on the brand, the motor’s power, and the number and type of accessories included.

Now consider the following questions: How often do you need to trim your hair? Will a $15 model suffice, or do you need a model with a powerful motor? Are replacement blades expensive? Does a low-end manufacturer offer good value?

When you’ve decided on your budget, also be sure to check reviews for any specific model you are considering. That said, your most important considerations should include power, price, and company reputation. Whichever one you choose; I hope it works well for you.

The Bottom Line

The clippers used on your hair—whether at home or in a barbershop—can make or break your look. In this review, we examined the best clippers black men can get. I recommend these clippers if you want accurate haircuts. Keep in mind, with the right clippers and some trimming skills, you can readily cut your hair at home.

And if you know what you’re doing, you won’t need to go to a barbershop. There are a number of quality clippers on the market. A good number of them are sold at discount prices. Some of the clippers on this list are affordable, while others are great bargains.

The StyleCraft Protégé clipper is battery-operated and can be used to cut fades. The Wahl Elite Pro Clipper is very versatile. It is a good balding clipper that’s also suitable for buzz cuts. Ultimately, the Andis clipper is great for lineups. Hope you’ve found this guide helpful.

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