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Best Double Edge Razor Blades: Top 10 Brands

When you have sensitive skin, shaving with a razor can be a chore. However, with the best double edge razor blade, you can bypass irritation and enjoy the fresh feeling of a classic shave.

A double edge safety razor with water droplets

Wet shaving is a skill that most men don’t get right the first time. Using a poorly designed blade and bad shaving techniques are most often the culprits. That’s why we’ve put together this review.

In a rush? Here are my top picks:
Best Overall

Feather Double Edge Safety Razor Blade
Feather Double Edge Safety Razor Blade

For effortlessly smooth shave

Unmatched sharpness
Can fit in any safety razor
Good for coarse hair
Best for Quality

Merkur Double Edge Razor Blades
Merkur Double Edge Razor Blades

Sturdy and reliable

Outstanding quality
Close, smooth shave
Superbly crafted

Additionally, we’ve carefully examined how to use a safety razor and common wet shaving mistakes you should avoid.

The problem is, the shaving industry has been actively trying to convince us that razor bumps are normal and multi-blade razors are superior. But razor bumps are the result of poorly designed blades that pull the hair right out of your skin. One way to avoid irritation is by using the best classic shaving tools.

People with sensitive skin need to be careful when choosing a blade so as to prevent irritations and burns. When you’ve got sensitive skin, you need the best sharp double-edged safety razor blade that produces clean shaves while applying almost no pressure.

Best Double Edge Razor Blades for Sensitive Skin

Here are the ten best double edge razor blades that will easily walk into your grooming routine. We will talk more about them later on.

Best forDouble Edge Safety Razor Blades
Best OverallFeather Double Edge Safety Razor Blades 
Thick HairParker Double Edge Safety Razor Blades
QualityMerkur Double Edge Razor Blades
Sensitive SkinDerby Extra Double Edge Razor Blades
DurabilityVoskhod Double Edge Safety Razor Blades
Close, Smooth ShavePersonna Double Edge Razor Blades
SharpnessWilkinson Sword Classic Double Edge Razor Blades
Value for MoneyShark Super Chrome DE Razor Blades
ConsistencyGillette 7 O’clock Super Stainless Steel DE Blades
BeginnersSample Pack (15 Varieties, 2 of each)

In this article, we’ve reviewed the best DE safety razor blades for sensitive skin based on their sharpness, durability, smooth results, and comfort.

Let’s delve into the list!

What Are the Best Double Edge Razor Blades?

The top three best double edge razor blades are Feather Razor Blades, Parker’s Razor Blades, and Merkur Razor Blades.

If you have a curly beard, coarse hair, or sensitive skin, you’ll be doubly impressed with these razor blades. If used properly they won’t give you nicks, cuts, razor bumps, and rashes.

The Feather Razor Blades are ninja sharp, making it the best double edge safety razor blade for coarse hair.

Each of these platinum-coated stainless steel blades shaves hair without pulling or yanking it off. It gives a comfortably smooth feel and retains its sharpness, allowing between 4 to 6 shaves.

Apart from making blades, the company behind this blade also produces industrial blades, surgical blades, and more. So you’re in good hands if you’re searching for a DE blade that is sharp enough to produce as smooth of a shave as you’d like. The Japanese company has built a strong reputation for sharpness. 

I like this blade a lot because of how easy it is to use and its closeness of shave. I don’t need to apply much pressure to have a baby bottom smooth shave (who the hell came up with that phrase?). In my experience, if you have to apply heavy pressure in order to get a neat shave then you’re more likely to get skin irritation. 

They are really sharp when new and it feels like they are thinner than some of the other blades I have tried. They are completely usable for up to six shaves and are likely good for more. This is a katana-style razor blade with a somewhat ironic name “Feather”.

User Experience 

I don’t think they are unprecedentedly sharp as so many persons have suggested, but I noticed they have just the right cutting edge to get the job done effortlessly. Although it is almost indistinguishable, you will notice a slight increase in sharpness as opposed to other blades. 

The Feather razor blades are sharp enough to give a good shave if you’re shaving your head. Of course, the blades aren’t enchanted so you’ll have to do more than one swipe to shave off every grain. But it will sure take you fewer swipes than any other blade.

Shaving Tips

I’d like to add that the secret to shaving sensitive skin is to make sure you change blades once you notice dullness. Also, get good shaving cream, soap, gel, or oil, whichever works best for you. And a dab of vitamin E oil on the area after shaving is a very good idea. It works for me and maybe it will for you.

What I Like

It has an unmatched sharpness
The Feather DE blade can easily fit in any safety razor
It does well on coarse hair and doesn’t require any pressure
The company has a good reputation

What Can Improve

The individual blade packaging may leave a sticky residue on the blade
Perhaps too aggressive for some persons

Final Verdict

Although the Feather DE razor blades aren’t a household name like Schick or Gillette, they can certainly hold their own against any shaving products company. People with coarse hair will be amazed at how it shaves ever so effortlessly.

Precise, sharp, and resistant to corrosion, these are what define the Parker Blades.

Best Double Edge Safety Razor Blade for Coarse or Thick Hair

Parker’s Double Edge Safety Razor Blades
Parker Double Edge Safety Razor Blades

Each individual blade is coated with platinum, tungsten, and chromium to protect the blade from becoming dull.

You get a box of 100 blades wrapped in 20 individual plastic cassettes. This makes them convenient for travel without cutting yourself or damaging your travel gear. These blades are great for everyday use. You can get up to 5 face shaves per blade or 2 shaves per blade if you shave your whole head.

The Parker’s Double Edge Razor Blades produce a truly notable smooth shave. It is more efficient and a lot cheaper than a basic cartridge-type razor. An entire box of 100 blades that will probably last for a year or more comes at an acceptable cost of about $11.

User Experience

Some buyers mentioned that it wasn’t easy to get the last individual blade out of the little box. However, I had no trouble getting it out of the little container. All I had to do was press the box a little and it came right out. 

The blades work really well for almost all skin and hair types. It did great on my coarse hair and sensitive skin, and I got positive feedback from buyers with different skin and hair types. If you have very long or thick hair, I will recommend trimming your hair before using this blade.

Parker’s Double Edge Safety Razor Blades fall right in the middle of the Feather and Astra blades, in both sharpness and cost. These blades are very sharp and do a great job shaving your entire face or edging the contours of your beard. 

Shaving Tips

Make sure you follow the instructions and don’t wipe the protective film off the blade. The box says to not dry the blades with a cloth but instead air-dry them. So just rinse and let dry. The blade has a coating on it to protect it from becoming dull. 

It is advisable not to shave if you are distracted or in a hurry. If you are a rookie, a good rule of thumb is, don’t shave if you don’t have enough time. Be gentle while using these blades. They may not be as sharp as the Feather but are still super sharp.

What I Like

Coated with protective materials to ensure precision
Parker’s Double Edge Safety Razor Blades produce an outstanding smooth shave

What Can Improve

Some users mentioned that it wasn’t easy to get the last individual blade out of the little container

Final Verdict

In summary, these blades are great, they stay sharp and give a close shave without causing bumps or skin irritation. The blade edges are honed multiple times during the manufacturing process, enabling a notably smooth, close, and detailed shave.

Merkur Double Edge Razor Blades are known to give a consistent, smooth shave. The blades’ superior quality saves loads of shaving time.

And exactly what you expect when you read Made in Germany. It has flawless high quality for an exceptionally sharp product. This double-edged blade gives a nice, close, clean shave every time without nicks, cuts, or skin abrasions. 

In our experience, we’ve come to realize that razors with multiple blades easily become clogged with stubble and shaving cream. In sharp contrast, double edge razors don’t get clogged.

And when it does accumulate a buildup of whiskers you can easily rinse it off by loosening the handle a little and rinsing it clean. Sometimes, simply tapping your razor on the edge of the sink does the job.

When you use these genuinely outstanding blades with shaving soap and a brush, you get a remarkably close shave. These blades are ridiculously sharp right out of the package and they stay sharp longer than most blades I’ve used before these.

User Experience 

I’ve had a good experience with this blade and I can attest to its superior craftsmanship. I recently began shaving my legs as well and I have to say I don’t have any issues. I have very sensitive skin that makes shaving a pain in the ass. It’s difficult to tolerate anything but safety blades and straight razors.

However, I haven’t had an issue with this brand. Even so, I don’t keep them for more than four shaves, just to be safe but they do last longer if necessary. You can probably get up to 7 shaves per blade from one of these bad boys.

Each Merkur Double Edge Razor Blade has a protective platinum coating, ensuring it stays sharp. It literally glides over one’s face.

Shaving Tips

If you’re switching from a plastic disposable razor, metal razors have enough weight so you don’t need to press down. Working the razor over your face gives you as close a shave as any multi-blade, probably even better.

When shaving, hold the razor at about a 30-degree angle. And like we mentioned earlier, a metal razor has enough weight already, you do not need to apply pressure. Rather, let the weight of the razor do the work while shaving.

The superior quality of the Merkur blade allows you to shave against the grain with proper preparation, but I still recommend you shave in the direction your hair grows. In other words, shave with the grain, especially if you’re a rookie.

What I Like

It gives a close, clean, smooth shave
It has a genuinely outstanding quality
The blades are superbly crafted

What Can Improve

If used recklessly, its sharpness may cause a nick

Final Verdict

You can count on Merkur’s consistency to great quality and attention to detail. If you have very sensitive skin, this blade is gentle enough so that you’re not left with razor burn, yet sharp enough to give you clean results.

The Derby DE Razor Blade is the best double-edged blade for beginners. Users with sensitive skin are addicted to this blade.

Best mild double edge razor blades

Derby Extra Double Edge Razor Blades
Derby Extra Double Edge Razor Blades

At first, I was a bit apprehensive about adding the Derby Extra Double Edge Razor Blades to this list. That would definitely have been a big omission, I must admit.


Derby blades are made in Sweden but a product of Turkey. They have chromium-ceramic, platinum, tungsten, and polymer coating on the cutting edges of the blades.

A final coating of Teflon is applied to reduce friction between the blade and the user’s skin. This coating will also allow the blades to be stored longer without rust or spots.

It is conveniently packed – 20 small packs of 5 blades each, making it a hundred blades in total. These blades have just the right level of sharpness, enabling beginners to get a neat shave without accidentally cutting themselves. 

I wish I got this advice decades ago when I started my shaving journey. I still remember the first time I shaved my pubes using a razor blade I got over the counter. I had no experience whatsoever. By the time I was done shaving, getting into the shower suddenly became a nightmare. 

You know that feeling when you have cuts on your body, then soap and water get on it while in the shower. Yeah, that feeling. I felt that on my balls! So you understand when I say I wish I knew about Derby’s double edge razor blade back then.

However, one of the downsides for me personally is that it isn’t easy to shave against the grain with a Derby. I really can’t blame this on Derby alone, since I feel the same way towards most double-edge razor blades. With that said, I think it’s done my skin good for the long run.

Furthermore, the Derby DE blades are reasonably priced and are well worth your investment. Another advantage is the cost per shave – you get 100 blades for the price of a pack of 5 cartridges.

Shaving Tips

Remember a blade is as good as the razor you use, so invest in a good all-metal razor and fully enjoy its magnificent work. Don’t go for any of those light-material plastic stuff. Ensure to get an all-metal razor.

Now here’s a cool feature of this blade. It has a thin web between the two sharp edges that allows you to break them in half. So you can use it with a single-edge razor as well.

What I Like

Gentle on the skin, enabling a comfortable shave
It is coated with materials that ensure durability
Derby DE blades certainly live up to their excellent reputation
Consistent level of standard quality

What Can Improve

It isn’t as sharp as some blades on the list

Final Verdict

I like the stringent quality control at each stage of this blade manufacturing process. It is enough to earn an ISO 9001 rating which, though not guaranteeing a perfect product, reflects its strict standard of consistent quality.

Only a few brands came close to replicating the wonderful shave of the Voskhod blade.

The blades are very lightweight and have just the right amount of sharpness. Beginners and experienced wet shavers will love and appreciate it’s smooth, yet sharp quality.

This stainless steel blade is made in Russia and is double-wrapped for protection and easy disposal. They are individually wrapped in paper and in a cardboard box as opposed to other companies selling 100 blades in plastic boxes of 5 blades.

If you want a sharp blade that also has a silky smooth quality to it, then this is the blade for you. It works well on the face, neck, and head, and it stays sharp throughout your daily shaving routine.

The Voskhod is thicker and tends to be much more forgiving. Fresh out of the box, even with less-than-perfect technique, they are buttery smooth and shave close enough, that you can skip shaving altogether the next day. 

When done, the skin feels soft, and growth the next day is very minimal which suggests the precision of the blade is nothing short of exceptional quality.

On a side note, it is pronounced like “Voss-hod” with the ‘d’ almost sounding like a ‘t’ at the end but not quite, and the ‘h’ sound is formed by partially closing the back of the mouth.

Shaving Tips

The Stainless Steel Safety Razor Blades may feel a little draggy or edgy during the first shave as your skin is still getting used to the new blade type. This is normal and expected.

To get wonderful results, experts recommend that you fix the angle at which you’re shaving and use a moisturizing shave cream instead of regular shaving cream.

What I Like

The blades are very economical
The blades do not seem to rust easily
3 to 5 shaves per blade

What Can Improve

Perhaps some confusion in the packaging

Final Verdict

They are extremely well made, sufficiently sharp to shave with no extra pressure, and mild enough to keep the face from razor burn. A great blade for those of us who want a balance of sharpness but not too aggressive. Depending on how often you shave they can last you a week in my opinion.

How sharp do you really, really need a razor? Do I hear you say close and personna? Well, that’s exactly what you get with this razor blade.

This is an economical alternative to the Feather blades. With over 135 years of experience manufacturing shaving razors, Personna offers a convenient pack of 100 high-quality double edge razor blades. The blades are made in the U.S., which is nice.

It’s kind of like a Derby with the abilities of Feather. Also, the blade feels a bit thicker than others, with less bend or chatter. Personna may not be quite as famous as the others but has quickly risen to become one of the top favorites.

Accutec Blades, Personna’s new parent company, doesn’t seem to have altered the quality of production. The Personna DE razor blades boast a very impressive dual-material coating for an extra smooth shave.

What you get with this blade is a clean shave without abrasions, nicks, or cuts. I shave after I wash my face or shower and have had no issues.

Shaving Tips

One reason why a user may give an inaccurate assessment of a DE blade is due to how it is being used. Using a double edge razor blade on dry skin is a one-way ticket to an unpleasant experience.

Prep your skin before using a blade. I shave only after washing my face, then use a warm towel for a minute or so and apply shaving soap. These Personna blades provide a close, easy shave. And yes, don’t scamper.

What I Like

A box of 100 can last for over a year
Sharper than average, not too aggressive, and good for everyone
It has a protective coating of platinum and chrome
Good value for money

What Can Improve

Two to three shaves per blade

Final Verdict

Do you want a good razor blade and don’t want to do too many passes? These are good. The best thing about these blades is the price. If you get 3 shaves per blade, with 100 blades you can go for 300 days. Subtract weekends and you know what? For $14, you have blades that will last you close to the entire year.

“Sword? Really? Why does this company have a two-sword logo? I won’t have that anywhere near my face.” 

If you share the above sentiments, well, it is quite understandable. The reason is that a sword doesn’t necessarily conjure the thoughts of a nick-free shave.

However, this is symbolic and it represents the durability of the Wilkinson DE blades. Add that to its triple-coating process and what you get is a blade that isn’t aggressively sharp but sharp enough to give you a clean, smooth shave.

These aren’t the sharpest of blades but out of all the brands I own they are one of the most durable. You can get four to five shaves out of them before the blades get dull. It made my list of best double edge safety razor blades due to price and longevity.

A blade with a sword in the name yet isn’t as sharp as others, this is interesting.

If you want sharper go for Feather. But if you have sensitive skin and want a moderately sharp blade then this is it. It is coated with chromium to prevent corrosion, ceramic to make the blades durable, and Teflon that works to reduce friction.

Again, German craftsmanship lives up to expectations. Though formed in England in 1772, Wilkinson’s blades are currently being manufactured in Germany. The company claims that its blades are better than stainless steel. 

Shaving Tips

It takes some skill to use safety razor blades to the highest benefit; it is worth it, however. Like anything of the highest caliber, preparation is needed to appreciate the product. Touch very gently, not like a cartridge blade. And very short gentle strokes.

What I Like

The Wilkie has a protective coating
It is durable, offering over four shaves per blade
Good for first-timers

What Can Improve

Might not be sharp enough for coarse hair

Final Verdict

With several decades of experience and an excellent manufacturing process, Wilkinson produces one of the best quality double edge safety razor blades of all time. It is a joy to use, even if you’re a wet shaving noob, and they’re well-priced.

Shark double-edged safety razor blade ranks among the best. The company has a reputation for quality and the blades are manufactured in an ISO2000 Facility.

Although that in itself doesn’t guarantee perfection, it reflects the company’s commitment to quality. 

With three or more shaves per blade, you can get over 300 shaves per box of 100 blades. Also, they’re quite forgiving and will give you minimal to no irritation.

It is a double edge safety razor blade suitable for sensitive skin since it isn’t extremely sharp but sharp enough for cutting most whisker lengths.

In terms of quality, we’ve received nothing short of positive remarks about the integrity of this blade. It has a unique structure that is a little thicker than other blades, ensuring durability. 

They are easy to use. All you have to do is remove them from their paper wrapper and position them carefully into your safety razor. They easily fit in most double edge safety razors in my collection.

What I Like

It is suitable for sensitive skin
It gives close, consistent shaves

What Can Improve

Not as effective on coarse facial hair

Final Verdict

These Sharks are finely engineered and extremely economical, and sharp enough to glide effortlessly along the skin leaving no hairs behind in the shaving process. From one blade to the next you get a remarkably consistent experience.

If this was a popularity contest, this blade would, without a doubt, rock the number one spot.

You must have heard of Gillette and most likely used one of its products in the past.

For starters, they hold the original patent for double edge safety razors and have since become a household name. But just because a brand is owned by one of the leading companies in the industry doesn’t necessarily translate to manufacturing quality products.

While that holds true in some cases, this is clearly different. We’ve received lots of positive reports from users of this product. Even so, like most decent products, it has a few flaws.

There are safety razor blades in this review that can give you up to six shaves per blade. And the 7 O’Clock Super Stainless blades aren’t one of them.

On the bright side, it is more affordable than most and isn’t as aggressively sharp as other double edge blades, but still provides a smooth, close shave.

For about 12 cents per blade, you get Super Stainless blades that will give you up to four shaves per blade before becoming dull. Come to think of it, that’s a steal. 


I will like to add that there’s a bit of a fuss over the location of the blades’ manufacturing facility. Some say it has a significant impact on the product’s quality.

Just to be clear, the 7 O’Clock blades (Permasharp Stainless Blades) are made in India. While the 7 O’Clock blades (Super Stainless Blades) are made in Russia. Wet shaving enthusiasts prefer the ones made in Russia.

One major reason for this confusion is that they both come in green boxes.

What I Like

Gillette safety razor blades have good quality
The blades have just the right amount of sharpness
It is well-priced

What Can Improve

Product packaging caused a bit of a fuss

Final Verdict

The Super Stainless blades are gilt-edged and will give you a clean, comfortable shave without a lot of irritation.

Ever been to a wine-tasting event? One thing I love about it is the opportunity to take adventurous routes. You also get the chance to discover what will later become your favorite wine.

So yeah, don’t get carried away. We are talking about razor blades here. This brings us to the final item, or rather items, to make our list.

This is for people who are about to start their shaving journey. Before you buy, I’d recommend getting a variety pack and finding the brand that works for you. And you have to try different blades to see which ones best meet your personal requirements. 

Everyone needs to find the proper blade for them. And though we may have some similarities, we are all different in our own unique ways. With a different set of expectations, skin types, and hair types.

Trying a variety of products to find the one suitable for you should be standard behavior. But this is difficult because most grooming tools are expensive. That’s why we write reviews to help narrow down your search.

Safety Razor Blades, on the other hand, are cheap. That’s why you can get awesome packages like this one!

This package has loads of the ones we looked at today. Even better, there is also a range of great products from good folks we couldn’t fit on our list.

What I Like

It has a great selection of quality products
Would make a thoughtful gift for a friend, spouse, or relative
You get to try several options

What Can Improve

With a wide variety of products come a wide variety of pros and cons

Final Verdict

This pack gives you the opportunity to try out a huge range of blades. Like most men, you’ll eventually find a brand of safety razor blade that works for you.

That’s it my good folks of the double edge safety razor blades club. I’ll be updating this list as often as possible. 

Now you know the best DE safety razor blades. Let’s briefly discuss some things you should consider when making a purchase.

Things to Consider When Buying DE Safety Razor Blades

Just because a brand of blade works perfectly for one person doesn’t mean it’s going to work just as well for you. Bear in mind that every man’s skin and whiskers are different. The points mentioned here will help you get a pleasant shave consistently.

Here are some factors to consider:

1. Hair Type


Although some people have similar hair types, it varies in some unique ways from person to person. That is why knowing your hair type is an integral part of choosing the right safety razor blades because what works for one man might end up causing issues for another.

Interestingly, one can have different hair types at different parts of the body. For instance, my facial hair type is different from the type of hair on my chest.

Therefore, the kind of hair you want to shave has a significant impact on your choice of a razor blade.

I reckon you noticed the word ‘aggressive’ was used a couple of times to describe some blades in this review (like the ‘ninja sharp’ Feather blade). This simply means that the blade is very sharp. 

If you have very coarse or thick facial hair, it is advisable to use an aggressive blade because a mild blade will have a tough time shaving through the rigid texture of thick hair. And that can lead to pulling and a lot of discomfort while shaving.

However, if you have soft hair then it is probably best to use a blade with mild sharpness like the Derby blade.


The length of your hair is also worth considering when opting for a blade. Perhaps an aggressive blade is better for very long hair. If you haven’t shaved in a while and your hair has grown really wild, you can use a trimmer to shave it to stubble before using a blade to get a smooth finish. 

The good news is, you have a number of blade choices that are available to fit your hair type.

2. Skin Type

Another important point to consider when selecting a double edge safety razor blade is the sensitivity of your skin. How sensitive is your skin? Are you prone to adult acne like mine?

If you are, then you should go for a moderately aggressive blade.

3. Sharpness of Blade

It is completely normal to assume that a sharper blade is a better blade. You could say that a sharp blade allows you to make fewer passes while shaving your beards and you’d be right.

Many people share this sentiment, as I once did. However, the sharper the blade, the more likely it’ll cause nicks or cuts, especially if you’re inexperienced. So making fewer passes doesn’t necessarily translate to a pleasant result. 

Does this mean that a mild blade is better? Well, it depends. Mild blades are somewhat better for people with very sensitive skin. And you’ll only have to apply a little pressure when shaving.

By way of contrast, aggressively sharp blades are good for people with no skin trouble and you do not need to apply any pressure to get a smooth shave. Just rely on the weight of the razor.

4. Level of Experience 

It is recommended to start with moderately aggressive blades if you have little experience shaving with a safety razor. It requires time and effort on your part to learn the level of pressure to be applied on the razor without cutting yourself. 

On the bright side, it is easier to become an expert with a safety razor than a straight razor. 

How to Use a DE Safety Razor

A Double Edge Razor Blade and Safety Razor

Here’s how to shave with a double edge safety razor and bypass skin irritation:

1. Prep the Skin

Have a warm shower. Yes, warm shower. Or wash the area with warm water and soap to remove dirt, germs, and oil buildup.

This is one way to get your skin ready for a shave.

2. Use a Warm Towel

A warm towel is great for your skin, so you can try to work it into your routine at least once a week, even if you’re not doing it every day.

You can dip your towel in warm water, take it out, squeeze it mildly, and place it in the work area. Leave for a minute or more to soften the area.

If you just had a shower you don’t really have to do this, but some enthusiasts like to pop a warm towel on their faces after they get out of the shower. It’s purely personal preference though.

3. Apply Pre-Shave Oil or Cream

Get a cream or oil and work it up into your skin in a circular motion. This will make it easier to shave whiskers. 

We should point out as well that safety razors work with gel-based shaving creams too.

4. Start Shaving!

It’s time to grab your razor. No, not the head, the handle. Phew!

For the first pass, it’s best to shave with the grain. Rinse at intervals to remove cream and stubble buildup from the blade.

When you’re done, loosen the razor’s handle and rinse the razor head thoroughly with hot water to clear any debris left.

Oh my gosh! I know what you’re thinking. Don’t do it. Want to wipe the blade with a piece of cloth? That will clean off the protective film on the blade, so don’t wipe.

It will dry up on its own in a few minutes, provided you rinse it properly. Won’t it rust if I do that? No, it won’t. That’s why we recommend quality blades. 

The blades in this review are rust-resistant.

5. Feel the Smoothness of Your Shave

Do you like it? Is it smooth enough?

If it isn’t as smooth as you want, you will have to shave against the grain. That is, against the direction your hair grows. A lot of safety razor companies don’t advise this because of the risk of getting nicked.

So you have to proceed with caution, slow and steady. Since you’ve followed the process here, you’ll be fine. Now feel the area one more time. Super smooth right?

6. Apply Post-Shave Moisturizer

Rinse your face with cold water, pat it with a dry clean towel, and apply a post-shave moisturizer. I find a dab of vitamin E oil in the area to work just fine too.

Now spread your wings and fly. Flex your silky-smooth classic shave. A tear in our eyes as you soar away into the sky with nothing to hinder your freedom.

The Bottom Line

Our process for selecting the best double edge safety razor blades of 2021 is objective and research-oriented, as with all of our reviews. 

That said, we don’t have the resources to test every blade on the market, there is quite an army of them out there to be fair. And we rely on personal experience and the experience of other users. For this reason, there may be some other blades that could have made the list.

Furthermore, upon conducting our research and surveys, we compare them with our personal experience to write a balanced review of each product. We think you’ll find the 10 blades listed above helpful for getting a close, comfortable shave.

Conclusively, we would like to know what you think about these products. Is there a brand of double-edge safety razor blades that you think belongs on the list? Tell us about it.

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