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Best Wahl Clippers: Top 7 Corded and Cordless Trimmers

At the start of my grooming journey, my first thought was to reach for the nearest clipper but that came at a cost I wish I never paid. It was only a matter of time before I realized what separates a decent trimmer from the best ones.

the top 4 best wahl clipper on a marble floor

The fact is, a subpar trimmer could jam or impede accuracy. On the flip side, the superior Wahl clipper can make up for a lack of professional experience.

In a rush? Here are my top picks:
Best Corded Clipper

Wahl Reflections Senior Clipper
Wahl Reflections Senior Clipper

A performance beast

Fastest motor (V9000)
Extremely versatile
Remarkably durable
Best Cordless Trimmer

Wahl Sterling Mag Trimmer
Wahl Sterling Mag Trimmer

Excellent trimming experience

2 hours run-time
A quiet workhorse
Easy to maneuver

The right tools are thus crucial, as with most things in life. It can mean the difference between success and failure. This holds true even if you’re a professional barber looking to step up your game or an enthusiast attempting to cut costs by doing it yourself.

You can get a reliable tool to create and maintain your own shaved or buzzed haircut whenever you like. All this for around the same price as a professional haircut.

If the last decade has taught us anything, it’s that any man can save time and money by mastering his mane at home. Even better, when you’re equipped with one of the best Wahl clippers, the possibilities are endless.

Summary of the 7 Top-Rated Wahl Hair Clippers

I’ve found that the Wahl Sterling Reflections Pro Hair Clipper is the best tool for the majority of at-home haircuts. Interestingly, most expert barbers and stylists agree on this.

Best forWahl Hair Clippers
FadesReflections Senior Clipper
Cordless TrimmerSterling Mag Trimmer
Beard Trimmer5-Star Cordless Detailer LI
Professional Barbers5-Star Series Unicord Combo
Buzz CutDesigner Clipper
Affordable Trimmer5-Star T-Blade Detailer
Home UsePeanut Hair Clipper

Moreover, the clippers we use can impact our appearance and, as a consequence, the aura we project to others.

In essence, it enables us to flaunt our sense of style no matter the social or professional setting. To help you find what Wahl trimmer is best for your precise needs, I’ve provided the details of my findings below.

Let’s get to it!

What Are the Best Wahl Clippers?

The best Wahl clippers are the Sterling Reflections Senior Clipper, the Sterling Mag Trimmer, and the 5-Star Cordless Detailer.

As of this writing, most Wahl clippers that made the list are under $100. More importantly, don’t underestimate the products that couldn’t claim a top-three spot. Here’s an example of how competitive the list is. The fourth choice is a steal because you pay for the price of one but get a set of two great clippers at an affordable rate.

Please note that they won’t last as long if you keep dropping them or letting them fall.

Do you need a refresher on why both experts and beginners alike hold Wahl in such high regard? Here it is; the Sterling Reflections Clipper from Wahl, a true reflection of strength and top-notch craftsmanship.

Key Features

Blade: Carbon steel (2191)
Build Material: Stainless steel
Color: Metallic chrome finish
Motor: V9000 electromagnetic motor
Guide Combs: 8
Type: Corded (7.5-foot power cable)
Weight: 1 lb. 3 oz
Length: 6.5 inches
Model No. : 8501

First Impression

The Sterling clipper exudes a luxurious vibe and has a superb chrome or polished silvery finish. It can accommodate a wide variety of Wahl blades because it features the typical two-screw blade. This should be the standard for exquisite tapering.

It is reminiscent of the Senior 5 Star which is functionally equivalent, making hairstyling an enjoyable hobby. This tool is well-balanced and comfortable to hold. Unlike the V5000 motor, the new V9000 electromagnetic motor doesn’t get as warm easily, let alone hot.

I recommended this to a client, and a few weeks later, his feedback was: “My résumé will now include hairstylist!” Lol, I know that feeling. When working with these, you’ll feel invincible. And compared to previous Wahl clippers, these have improved cutting.

Value for Money

If this is the most money you’ve ever spent on a clipper, you’ll be pleased you did. As opposed to the less expensive clippers, these are strong, durable, and far more customizable. It cuts so quickly and smoothly. And it allows for a much more immaculate haircut.

It isn’t just the looks and functionality that account for the price. It’s assembled with high-quality components, resulting in a premium weight and feel. The weight takes some getting used to. Other than that, it’s a good, user-friendly clipper that should be on your radar.

Accessories and Usability

This trimmer justifies the cost, even though I had to correct the blade after taking it out of the package. Finally, an engine that is simultaneously strong and silent.

The Sterling Reflections is powerful enough to let you realize that this model runs the show without being so strong that you drop it or mess up your hair. It cuts through like butter with a single pass. The supplied comb guides come in sizes 1/8″, 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″, 3/4″, and 1″, with impressive quality.

Look no further if you’re looking for a high-quality fading machine with a nice selection of comb guides. However, if the supplied comb set doesn’t appeal to you, the Oster Professional 10 Universal Comb Set fits these clippers perfectly. This set comes with ten guide combs, sufficient for professional use cases.

Works Nicely as a Fading Clipper

In addition to adjusting the blade slider (taper adjustment lever) and using the 1/8″ guide comb it came with, the clipper gave a nice fade on my first try, which is fantastic!

That being said, given its metallic housing, I worried that it could get hot after using it for a while, but it never did. It does get warm after forty minutes of uninterrupted usage.

Want More Fade Clipper Options?

If you’d prefer a guide dedicated to testing clippers that can create spectacular gradual hair tapering, we reviewed some of the best clippers for fades in this article.

Doubles as a Clipper for Hairline

Be cautious when using this clipper for hairline and beard line-ups. The blade is surgically sharp and can nick people’s necks. Nevertheless, the sharpness becomes more natural with time.

You may also need to realign the blade once you get it. It’s a straightforward process. As mentioned earlier, it’s the same clipper as the black Senior 5 star, just a different case cover. I prefer this chrome finish.

Ergonomics and Power Cable

The power cable is long enough for maneuverability, and the patterned grip is excellent for your thumb. Due to its flexibility, haircuts can be done more quickly and you won’t have to go back and forth as much.

It’s a noteworthy upgrade when compared to other corded clippers. This is because it doesn’t seem at all cheap and it has a professional quality.

Wahl Sterling Reflections Clipper vs. Oster Fast Feed Clipper

The Oster Fast Feed 76023-510 is a great competitor. It offers fairly comparable performance and the same length of power cord for a slightly cheaper price.

However, after about thirteen cuts, I had to take the razor apart to clean it because hair got caught between the blades. Besides, the Oster Fast Feed doesn’t offer a full set of guide combs.

Contrarily, Wahl Sterling Reflections provides twice the number of attachment combs. You get eight guide combs and a stronger motor with the Wahl clipper. Therefore, the Wahl Sterling Reflections Clipper is without a doubt the better choice.

Wahl Sterling Reflections Clipper vs. Wahl Designer Clipper

You could argue that a less expensive Wahl product would work just as well. And if you’re a fan of the brand, it’s easy to arrive at this conclusion. The reality is, the cheaper models aren’t as versatile and powerful.

For around fifty dollars, you can get the loud Wahl Designer Clipper, which is great for use at home. As for me, I ultimately prefer the quieter, stunning piece—Wahl Sterling Reflections Clipper.

What I Like

Produces a very clean and accurate cut
If you take care of these clippers by oiling the blades, they’ll be a workhorse and will remain loyal
A fantastic product with premium quality
Has the remarkably fast V9000 motor

What Can Improve

A pouch or bag to keep the accessories would be nice
Gets warm after 40 minutes of use

Final Verdict

Have you decided to start cutting your hair? Or are you a professional looking for a reliable tool? Well, there’s a reason why several users recommend the Wahl Sterling Reflections Clipper. It’s ideal for most scenarios. The powerful motor buzzes the hair down as a pro should and in a quiet fashion. It comes with the majority of the accessories required and a complete set of instructions. The guide combs are an extra expense with the most costly haircutters. But this model comes with eight attachment combs, which is appreciated.

Sometimes the best tools aren’t the most popular ones. The Sterling Mag Trimmer is massively underrated. It’s definitely one of Wahl’s top trimmers.

Best Wahl Cordless Clipper for Hairline

Wahl Sterling Mag Trimmer
Wahl Professional Sterling Mag Trimmer

Excellent size, removable blade for easier cleaning, and is extremely quiet in comparison to the competition. The Sterling Mag impressed me in the barbershop.

Key Features

Blade: Carbon steel (2111)
Build Material: Stainless steel
Color: Polished silver and black finish
Motor: Rotary motor
Guide Combs: 4
Type: Cordless
Battery Life: 2 hours run-time
Weight: 1 lb.
Length: 5.5 inches
Model No. : 8779

First Impression

My review unit had dings and scratches on it when I first got it. I spoke with the vendor and went to a nearby supply shop to examine other new ones because I assumed this was used. They all had identical appearances.

Each one of them has a few tiny dings and scratches. They probably don’t use die-cast cases. Instead, they use metal sheets for the cases, making them incredibly light.

The slimmer body of the Sterling Mag is distinctively lightweight and the blade is special. I actually can trim individual mustache hairs with its thin design and incredibly fine blades!


Wahl created one of the greatest trimmers on the market by combining accuracy, an ergonomic form that makes it simple to grip, and an almost silent workhorse. And it isn’t just me; a lot of other experts share these sentiments. Here’s the catch: don’t let them fall. The edge of the blade can break.

If the battery runs out, you can use it with the cord. It supports both AC and DC power sources and is more powerful and better constructed than the previous version. The stainless steel finish looks incredibly elegant and premium.

As a grooming professional, I’ve used quite a number of trimmers. In some cases, I use them for purposes other than those for which they were intended. And as expected, I’ve had some bad boys, but this is up there with the best.

They effortlessly sever all varieties of hair while remaining silent and powerful. When docked, the trimmer fits snugly and the charger functions properly.

However, there is one issue with my review unit—the charging dock. The blue charging light turns on as soon as you place the device in the base to charge it. It then instantly turns off. I now utilize a cord. It appears the trimmer seats quite loosely in the cradle and is easily able to fall out of contact with the charging pads.

Also, it’s a little difficult to get in close behind the ear. So be careful when trimming this area.

Can Work as a Beard Shaver

If you have sensitive skin, this is great as it doesn’t cause any irritation. It cuts evenly, needs fewer strokes, and works considerably faster than the Wahl Peanut.

A single charge easily lasts through several cuts. They also barely nick and seldom get stuck in the beard. There is no pulling or tarring when cutting.

Even better, you no longer require a particular scrub before shaving, unless you just want to use it to cleanse your face. Keep in mind that they can clog up under the blade. Thankfully, the blade is simple to remove for cleaning and requires occasional lubrication.

Sterling Mag (8700) vs Sterling Mag (8779)

In addition to purchasing the Wahl Professional Sterling Mag Clipper (Model 8779), you can also get the Wahl Professional Sterling Clipper (Model 8700). The 8700 is excellent for volume and heavy use, whilst the smaller 8779 is ideal for touch-up and shaping work.

The battery life is satisfactory, and cleaning the device requires only a moderate amount of disassembly. The charging base is the primary drawback because it looks rather inexpensive.

Wahl Sterling Mag vs Andis Slimline Pro

The Andis Slimline Pro shares a lot in common with the Wahl Sterling Mag in terms of size, weight, form, and appearance. Even though it is the exact same size, the Andis’ blade feels narrower.

It’s a lot louder than the Wahl Sterling Mag but cuts just as well. With both trimmers, haircuts require less effort and less time. Additionally, there is less risk of developing nicks with both of them. That said, as opposed to the shiny Wahl Sterling Mag body, the Andis exterior conceals fingerprints better.

How Kids React to this Trimmer

When I trim children’s hairlines with other trimmers, they often get frightened, especially when it’s loud. This trimmer gives sharp, clean lines, doesn’t vibrate excessively, and is quiet. My young clients love this. I suggest this for stylists who require assistance with cutting children’s hairlines.

What I Like

Easy to maneuver
Excellent trimming experience
Decent charging time
Compact size

What Can Improve

The charging dock can be made better
Might not withstand a fall
Doesn’t include a carrying case or pouch

Final Verdict

This trimmer is an absolute must-have for anyone with a mustache or beard. The Sterling Mag meets and exceeds expectations. It’s of exceptional quality, has a long battery life, and cuts very accurately. Also, it’s light as a feather and fits your hand comfortably for tight maneuvering.

When it comes to handling, mobility, and sharpness right out of the box, this trimmer outclasses its rivals.

Key Features

Blade: Carbon steel (2215)
Build Material: Stainless steel
Color: Polished silver and satin burgundy finish
Motor: Rotary motor
Guide Combs: 3
Type: Cordless
Battery Life: 1 hour 40 min run-time
Weight: 6.6 oz
Length: 5.75 inches
Model No. : 8171

First Impression

These don’t feel like Andis, to begin with. So, my first impression after touching it was that it wouldn’t hit hard. I decided to give it a try. Behold, I was impressed. The clipper arrived zero-gapped out of the box, feels cozy in the palm, is incredibly adaptable, and is lightweight.

This is a fantastic trimmer with pretty good value. This beauty has made me realize that, although I’ve been an Andis T-Outliner person, the brand shouldn’t get too comfortable with where they are.

It’s powerful without any modification and moves easily across the scalp. If you’re a professional barber, your clients will appreciate the “gliding” motion of this sharp trimmer against their skin. I can only imagine what it’ll be like if I customize them.

For those of you who have extremely coarse hair like me—a man with extremely curly, multidirectional facial and scalp hairs—this is the one to go for. I was delighted to add them to my collection and have been using them for edging up the beard and hairline.


The package included a blade guard, which is useful for safeguarding your blade, a zero-gapping tool, and a charging dock. These have great and commendable qualities. In contrast to some of the cheap trimmers out there with buttons in strange places, this one feels right. It has well-made and well-placed buttons.

As for comb attachments, there’s room for improvement. The three guide combs consisting of 1/16″, 2/16″, and 3/16″ sizes aren’t sufficient for professional use.

Since the largest guard is 1.5, which is 3/16″ or around 5 mm, it works well to maintain short beards.  If you want to groom larger beards, you will need to either freehand them or get attachment combs. There should be more options in the future.

Besides that, if you’re weary of tucking clipper cords in your travel pouch due to how cumbersome it can be, then the cordless Wahl Detailer is here to solve that. The convenience it offers is priceless.


Intriguingly, it can take weeks to adapt to not having to pull cords all the time. When using the cordless clippers for the first time, you have to be careful so you don’t drop them because they are quite light and small.

This is especially important if you’ve grown accustomed to swinging the cords on conventional trimmers. So, you have to relearn how to handle these. On the bright side, unlike the corded ones, you don’t often mistakenly turn them off while pulling the power cable.

You might experience some skin irritation if you zero-gapped wrongly. Ensure the blade aligns properly with the guide comb when trying to achieve a close shave. The only tools that come close to yielding a smoother shave are my foils or my razor.

It has enough strength to tackle everything you throw at it, although it may be a little noisy while in use. Furthermore, it lasts for a long time before requiring a charge.

Wahl Detailer vs. Sterling Reflections Clipper

The Wahl 5-Star Detailer is unquestionably one of the sharpest trimmers on the market. It provides that sweet spot on zero-gap. Here is some context as to how light it weighs.

The corded Sterling Reflections Clipper—the best Wahl clipper—has more than twice the weight of this model. Although the Detailer doesn’t generate as much rpm (speed) as the Sterling, it produces decent results when compared to clippers in its class (cordless clippers).

Wahl Detailer vs. Andis vs. BaByliss

It all depends on how sharp it can cut for me because I like Andis and BaByliss, and I enjoy this one just as much. The Wahl Detailer is one of the few trimmers that can produce quality lines right out of the box.

This is unexpectedly charming because, unlike the Wahl Detailer, you might have to make some adjustments to the BaByliss and Andis for them to cut as well. The fact is, I’ve always liked the Andis T-Outliners and the BaByliss.

They’ve been reliable over the years. One drawback they have is, to make them as sharp as possible without causing skin irritation, I had to realign them. This isn’t a big deal, though, unless you’re still learning how to use a trimmer.

As for performance, they produce similar results. This works in the Wahl Detailer’s favor since it’s almost half the cost of the BaByliss trimmer.

Andis and BaByliss Should Be On Your Radar

Want to learn more about these bad boys? In our guide titled Best Clippers for Hairline and Beard Lineups, we wrote a detailed piece on each of them.

Note: Wahl advises oiling the blades after each use. I endorse this recommendation. A drop of lubricant in the center of the blades and on each side of the junction connecting the top and bottom blades should be enough. Since the blade can rust, it isn’t a good idea to leave it on the bathroom counter or in a moist environment.

What I Like

Improved handling and design
It produces clean lines
Works well on incredibly coarse hair
It has the ideal weight—light and sturdy
Fantastic battery life

What Can Improve

Would be perfect if it was priced a bit lower
Three guide combs are included in the box

Final Verdict

I understand if you are unsure whether to spend top dollar on a trimmer. But are you sick of buying inexpensive cordless trimmers only to replace them after a few months? Then the additional cost of the 5-Star Cordless Detailer is worth it. I didn’t expect how much more comfortable the experience would be when trimming tight facial stubble, but you can sense the difference right away. Plus, it has a sturdy construction and performs almost better than trimmers twice its price.

‘Get two for the price of one.’ As cliché as that sounds, I just couldn’t pass up on the offer given it’s coming from Wahl—a reputable brand. How did Wahl manage to pull this off? Are they cutting any corners? Let’s find out because my expectations are sky-high.

Key Features

Blade: Carbon steel
Build Material: Stainless steel
Color: Polished silver with a satin burgundy finish
Motor: Both have electromagnetic motors
Guide Combs: 8
Type: Corded (they share an 8-foot power cable)
Weight: 1 lb. and 9.3 oz, respectively
Length: Both are 6.25 inches tall
Model No.: 8242

First Impression

Despite the box not being completely sealed, Wahl welcomes you with a decent package. All of the equipment seems to be in good working order. The carrying case is of reasonable quality. However, I mistakenly believed they could work without being plugged in. I was wrong. They share a removable cord.

Interchanging the cable between the two clippers was a little challenging for me. I wish they had separate cords. They would have finished better on this list if these clippers could work without being plugged in. That being said, before I could use the blades, I did have to realign them. I always do that with a new set of haircutters.

Wahl 5-Star Series Unicord Combo Set


In general, the clippers are excellent; they are not as light as cordless models but are also not as heavy as the masters. The outliners, though, are only passable. Andis Outliners leave a finer cut. Also, note that continuous lubrication of the blade is required. Overall, these are brilliant investments.

Great for blending and fading, and after approximately 90 minutes of continuous use, it overheats. They can be too warm to hold if you’re using them commercially.

Most home users can cut their hair for as long as six months with just two modest bottles of oil, if not longer. Professionals should use a bigger bottle instead. Spray some sanitizer and apply oil at the start and finish of the day.

Does Well in Difficult-to-Reach Areas

One of my colleagues found it difficult to use these clippers to provide a really precise, clean trim on the nape of the neck. He carefully studied and followed the instructions given. Despite his reservations, I believe his grip technique could be better, especially when trimming tight areas.

As much as I adore this set, the clippers’ occasional excessive vibration can impact your experience while trimming areas behind the ear. Even so, using these products has helped me give some good haircuts. Additionally, I’ve also received positive feedback from my clients about how crisp their hair looked afterward.

Voltage and Frequency

Outside the US, 110V and 50Hz seem to function fine for the hair edger. However, the clipper could make an unpleasant sound because 50Hz may be too low for the buzzer.

So, a voltage and frequency converter operating at 120V and 60Hz could do the trick. Get one and it’ll go very smoothly and quietly. Without the converter, it emits a tolerable noise for no more than two seconds. Apart from that, I couldn’t find any other downside.

How to Use this Wahl Combo

The trimmer comes with a special tool for zero gapping, used to improve the sharpness. And they’ll edge up and trim so expertly with no bite.

Don’t forget to clean the blades thoroughly with brushes and barber sanitizer. If you’re unsure of the nature of the black and brown material on the blades, you can open the clippers and clean out the insides. It is most likely plastic shavings residue that’s left by the quality control department. They should have cleaned it up.

Lubricate everything, then put them both back together. You may not like having to push the trimmer because the edger blade doesn’t hit all that hard. But it’s easy to get used to. Or you could swap the blade out for a sharper one.

Comparing the Main Clipper With the 5-Star Senior

The main clippers have an identical 5-star blade as the seniors. And in every other respect, it resembles the 5-Star Senior. Interestingly, the 5-Star Senior costs about the same as this combo. Why choose the 5-Star Senior when you can get this? They are all great for fading and a precise zero gap.

The thumb lever is sharp and smooth, and it operates well. If it’s too tight or loose, it’s simple to modify with the screwdriver in the box.

You also get a complete set of attachment combs and a clipper hanger. The hanger makes it easier to quickly and easily access them. It’s nice that the cords could be bought separately, allowing you to utilize the same detachable connection with other cutters.

That said, although the mechanism appears to be fairly sturdy, I would have preferred a permanent cord since it isn’t rechargeable. And that’s it. So, are the criticisms enough to discredit this deal? The fact is, there’s room for improvement and it would’ve been perfect if the blades for the edger were made better.

What I Like

The motors are powerful and smooth
Comes with eight guide combs and a screwdriver
It’s a solid, hefty construction that feels good in the hand
Comes with a carrying case
Has a blade adjustment lever

What Can Improve

It comes with a single-cord
The clippers aren’t rechargeable

Final Verdict

If you live outside the US, you might experience a rapid startup. Fortunately, it lasts for no more than two seconds. You can eliminate the sound by using a voltage/frequency converter operating at 120V and 60Hz. The 5-Star Series Unicord Combo gives a little more control and is sturdy in the hands. Keep in mind, before using brand-new clippers, zero-gap, realign, and oil them.

It’s commonly said that ‘you get what you pay for.’ But more often than not, what you get barely justifies how much it costs you. The Designer Clipper is Wahl’s attempt to defile this axiom. Game on!

Best Wahl Clipper for Buzz Cut

Wahl Designer Clipper
Wahl Professional Designer Clipper

Key Features

Blade: Carbon steel (1005)
Build Material: Stainless steel
Color: Matte black finish
Motor: Electromagnetic motor
Guide Combs: 6
Type: Corded (8-foot power cable)
Weight: 1.3 lbs.
Length: 6.25 inches
Model No. : 8355

First Impression

While unboxing the package, I noticed some paperwork, guide combs, and the black matte-finish clipper attached to its long chemical-resistant cord. First off, let’s talk about the user manual.

The maintenance instructions that came with the tool are helpful. Secondly, it has a total of six attachment combs. One of the comb guides packaged with the unit I reviewed had a missing tooth. Fortunately, it didn’t affect the performance.

It is propelled by a decent electromagnetic motor that outperforms most clippers in its price range. In addition, this buzzer is admirably easy to use.

However, when used for a long period of time, the motor can heat up considerably. Plus, it makes a loud clacking sound as soon as you turn it on for the first time. Other than that, this clipper operates pretty well in terms of performance.


Despite the word “professional” being clearly written on its packaging, I didn’t expect it to do well for professional use. Professional barbers understand just how difficult it is to find clippers that can do it all at this price point. This is because most cheap clippers get jammed or get too hot when used extensively.

So, I was skeptical while using it to give clients neat haircuts. Impressively, it did far better than the inexpensive ones I’ve tried previously. Unlike some clippers in its class that get weighed down by thick hair, this doesn’t.

Whatever I threw at this hair cutter, it didn’t get clogged, pull hair, throw combs, or simply get stuck. Quite inspiring, right? But that isn’t all. It can also be used to take care of beards. Bear in mind, this isn’t what it’s made for. Nonetheless, you can get more attachment combs to increase the use cases.

It got a bit hot though, but not overbearingly so. Do note that although the vibration isn’t unpleasant, it can become annoying when used near the ears.


I’ve been using the Wahl Professional Designer Clipper for a while. And the power switch is as sturdy as the day it arrived. The mechanical components have worked without issue.

Moreover, keeping this buzzer in good condition only requires regular maintenance. I usually brush it clean after each use and place a few drops of oil between the blades.

Some Tips on Using the Wahl Designer Clipper

If you’re a beginner and intend to cut your hair yourself, here are a few reminders: Make sure you don’t get distracted while cutting your hair. Taking a pause to do something else can lead to undesired results.

Trying to multitask can also lead to mistakes. Additionally, don’t forget to lubricate the blades. It is advisable to oil the blades of electric clippers before and after each haircut. This will prevent the blades from rusting and improve their efficiency.

After using the blades for a few months, you might need to adjust them. If you don’t have a tiny brush to clean the blade, you can take the DIY route. You can keep the clipper clean by using an old toothbrush and clipper oil. Note that the blade can corrode if you use water or subpar lubricants to clean it.

There are a ton of YouTube videos explaining techniques and essential principles for cutting hair. And it is fairly simple to learn by watching. You might feel anxious the first few times. Remember that hair grows back quickly, making your errors more excused than almost everything else you might make a mistake with.

It also saves a lot of time. In less time than it takes to wait in a barbershop on a busy Saturday, not to mention the time it takes to commute, you can cut it yourself.

What I Like

Excellent value for money
Great for thick hair
Six guide combs are included in the box
Does an outstanding job

What Can Improve

Its vibration requires some getting used to
The clipper feels a little heavy

Final Verdict

The Wahl Professional Designer Clipper is for anyone who is serious about cutting their own hair at home and saving money as a result. For the most part, you actually don’t need anything else to get a salon-caliber haircut at home when you have this clipper set. It’ll last for many years because it is quite strong. Having said that, if you’re cutting all day, every day, something a little more powerful will be best. But this produces professional results for just about any household application. Compared to anything at a supply store, it’s unquestionably an improvement.

A timeless masterpiece, excellent for trimming beards and hairlines. Never gets too heated. And feels safe in the hands. These and more are why the Wahl Professional 5-Star Detailer made it to the list of best Wahl trimmers.

Key Features

Blade: Carbon steel (2215)
Build Material: Stainless steel
Color: Polished silver and burgundy finish
Motor: Rotary motor
Guide Combs: 3
Type: Corded (8-foot power cable)
Weight: 6.9 oz
Length: 5 inches
Model No. : 8081

First Impression

Opening the package reveals the classic Wahl Professional 5-Star Detailer. This is a corded version of the Wahl Detailer that took the number three spot. The blades are clean but aren’t shipped zero-gapped. So you’ll have to realign them. Once done, it provides precise lines and close shaves that are comparable to Andis’.

It’s a compact trimmer, about two-thirds of the length of a conventional trimmer. It gives precise trims with enough details. For a close shave, use the trimmer without the attachment combs. Remember, using it that way could cause some mild irritation that clears off within 24 hours.

Contrary to my expectations, it was rather quiet. As opposed to an electromagnetic motor, the rotary motor accounts for a quieter sound.


Evidently, there are only three guide combs included with this trimmer. They are decent, but the longest one left me looking like an adolescent because it clipped my beard so closely. Perhaps getting some longer guide combs for this trimmer will help to trim longer beards.

But it isn’t easy to find attachment combs that suit it as most guides are too large. As a result, this Wahl trimmer is ideal for stubble beards. It works flawlessly as long as the blades are oiled after each use.

This corded trimmer eliminates the anxiety of batteries running out in the middle of a trim. Though not a deal-breaker, more precise comb length options would have been helpful given the trimmer’s primary use is for beards and goatees.

Any short, coarse stubble, such as that found above the mustache area and below the nose, was the one area where I felt it fell short. This is more observable if you trim that spot regularly.

No matter how I held the trimmer, it was unable to cut the stubble in that location and even proved to be somewhat uncomfortable. However, most folks won’t even notice this, so it’s not a huge concern.

How Well It Works for Hair Art

Its compact size, lightweight, and manageability would appeal to barbers. The motor works well. It has a low hum and a strong kick. Even if it were on, you wouldn’t notice.

The best thing about these clippers is that they let me create hair art, which is wonderful for business. Even before I color the pattern, the fine details I can create with these sharp clippers truly make the design pop. Overall, I’d say it’s a wise investment to buy these clippers.

Corded Wahl Detailer vs. Andis T-Outliner

In view of how light it is, I’m impressed at how well the corded Wahl Detailer functions in comparison to my standard Andis T-Outliner and even the older Wahl 5-Star Edger. It’s really simple to obtain a lovely, crisp, straight line with the help of the Wahl T-Blade that comes with this detailer.

Its motor is my favorite feature. The same energy-efficient rotary motor that powers the more expensive T-Outliner is included with the Wahl Detailer. Any type of hair can be easily cut with these tools. When it comes to reliability, these clippers don’t heat up as quickly as others. The corded Detailer can definitely give the T-Outliner a run for its money.

Corded Wahl Detailer vs. Oster Trimmer

Even when run continuously, the Wahl Detailer doesn’t get too hot. On the other hand, the Oster trimmer owned by my coworkers is a touch noisier.

The only issue I have with the Detailer is that, because of the switch’s odd positioning at the tool’s base, my finger can easily turn it off while I’m using it. The Oster trimmer may have some drawbacks, but this isn’t one of them.

Nevertheless, it’s not a big deal. Additionally, they are simpler to use and leave neat lines. Since utilizing tools with power cables when working with customers can be challenging, I’d recommend the Wahl cordless clipper in this case.

Corded Wahl Detailer vs. Cordless Wahl Detailer

The Wahl Detailer with a cord and the Wahl Cordless Detailer differ primarily in two ways. First off, because of the power cable, the corded Wahl Detailer is less maneuverable. However, the corded Wahl Detailer won some points in size. It is 0.75 inches smaller than the cordless Wahl Detailer.

What I Like

Superb lineup clipper
Ensures control and effortless movement
Great for men and women
Easy to hold

What Can Improve

The power switch is placed in an unusual location
It isn’t zero-gapped out of the box

Final Verdict

My co-barber refers to the corded Wahl Detailer as a “sexy trimmer” and particularly likes how cozy it is in his hands. The corded version of the Wahl device is smaller and the most noticeable change is that a power cord was used in place of the battery from the cordless model. As a result, it benefits greatly from everything the cordless alternative has to offer. It’s one of the best tools for shaping beard lines, hairlines, and bald head shaving.

As the saying goes, ‘If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it’ll spend its whole life believing that it’s stupid.’ The Wahl Peanut clipper resonates with that proverb quite a lot.

Best Wahl Clipper for Home Use

Wahl Peanut Hair Clipper
Wahl Professional Peanut Hair Clipper

Since it’s a peanut, expecting it to give a bulldozer performance is unfair, to say the least. But I did. And you can’t blame me because it’s a Wahl. We’ll always expect them to produce performance beasts.

Key Features

Blade: Carbon steel (2068)
Build Material: Stainless steel
Color: Black
Motor: Rotary motor
Guide Combs: 4
Type: Corded (6.5-foot power cable)
Weight: 4 oz
Length: 5 inches
Model No.: 8655

First Impression

Even though its packaging reads “professional grade,” I’d say this isn’t intended for usage in a business setting. In comparison to a professional clipper, it requires a few more passes to do the same task. It works, but not in a way that would dazzle a barber.

That being said, it is quite effective and powerful when compared to the cordless Wahl clippers in a similar price range. I’m all too familiar with the Peanut and dig the design of the new model.

It adds a lot of character to it. My whiskers were quickly removed by the Wahl Peanut in a couple of passes. You can use it about 6.5 feet away from an outlet thanks to its fairly long cord.

I wish it had more than four guide combs and came with a carrying case. Wahl does offer a combo package with a case. However, it is less expensive to get the case and the Peanut clippers individually. This is because the case is unnecessarily large, it appears to be for a full-size trimmer.

Also, the markings on the attachment combs aren’t clear enough. And they have somewhat sharp edges. You can smoothen the edges using a Dremel. Just make sure you know what you’re doing.


Although this clipper is geared towards beginners, be aware that the instructions do not explain how the guide combs are supposed to function. Anyway, it isn’t rocket science.

The shallowest guard can be used to create stubble, while the longest guard can be used to maintain fuller beards. And they ensure you have a more even and neat trim.

Using this buzzer for freehand trimming can give a close shave, but not as close as a razor. If you use it on your bare skin, be extra careful. It can hurt quite a bit if used carelessly. To get a smooth shave, use the smallest guard for the neck, and finish with a razor for an extra close shave.

Its loudness is by far my least favorite aspect. Maybe my review unit is a fluke. I don’t recall it ever being as loud. A client said that it sounded like a lawn mower.

If a trimmer for a fade haircut is what you want, then consider other trimmers on this list. This is because it doesn’t have a blade adjustment lever.


The attachment combs feel solid but are a bit too small. I’d have liked to have had at least two larger attachment combs. I looked on Amazon for some that would fit, but there aren’t many, since the Peanut uses a comb shape that’s different from other Wahl combs.

If I could just get an extra half inch of length, I’d even use it for an entire haircut. Instead, I just decided to use it for beard trimming and cleaning the edges of buzz cuts. Having said that, it’s obvious this item was constructed to last.

The Newer Wahl Peanut Models vs. Older Ones

The Wahl website claims that our review unit is the most recent wired Wahl Peanut.

Over the years, I’ve used the other models of this trimmer and I enjoy how compact they are. Lately, I’ve observed that the craftsmanship has dropped significantly. Although they look more beautiful, they don’t look as solid as the “OG”. Even at that, I still believe it to be a fantastic product as it functions as intended.

The excellent benefits include convenience, control, agility, and compact size. The only true letdown I experienced was Wahl’s pricing. These used to cost about forty dollars back in the day. I suppose they increased the price due to the high demand for the product.

Otherwise, this is a fantastic beard trimmer since it is highly powerful and will neatly clip beard hair without pulling. It’s beautifully crafted, and the small form factor makes it easy to adjust.

The stronger motor in this model makes it my top pick over the more streamlined and marginally lighter corded model. The broader base and grooves on the recent model make it easier to hold. However, these grooves can increase cleaning time, but I’m prepared to put up with that.

What I Like

It is grip-friendly
Easy to clean thanks to the removable blade
Has a decent power
Can create neat trims

What Can Improve

I’d like more guide combs
It is louder than other trimmers on the list

Final Verdict

This is one of the most popular, affordable, and useful trimmers. The Wahl Peanut fulfills one’s needs without being heavy to hold like a conventional corded clipper. Additionally, it fits into small hands perfectly. The power cable is long enough to ensure adequate maneuverability.

If you’ve made it to this point, you’ll discover that these Wahl clippers deliver the best features available right now. Please note that I’ll update this post once I find better clippers. Now let’s see how Wahl clippers work.

What Kind of Motor Do Wahl Clippers Have?

Three types of wahl clippers

In a nutshell, Wahl hair clippers use one of three motor types: electromagnetic, rotary, or pivot. Let’s take a closer look at each engine individually and discuss some of its benefits and drawbacks.

1. Electromagnetic Motor (Shunt Motor)

Most hair clippers, from entry-level models to those used by professionals, employ electromagnetic motors. The cutting blade moves swiftly back and forth with the help of a spring and an electromagnet attached to it.


Electromagnetic motor hair clippers typically have corded designs and are the quickest to cut hair. Some can cut at more than 13,000 revolutions per minute. They have a tendency to heat up more quickly, though, and they can be louder than the other types of motors.

Components and Cost

In general, clippers with electromagnetic motors are the least expensive and have a straightforward, dependable construction that makes them ideal for professional and home use.

Additionally, they are long-lasting because they have fewer moving components, with no need for internal lubrication or maintenance. It creates a haircut that is neater and has more volume at extraordinarily high speeds.


Although it has less power than the other two motors, the speed at which it moves makes up for it. The electromagnetic motor is appropriate for dry hair. And light hair textures can be trimmed with ease.

Some Wahl Clippers With an Electromagnetic Motor

Here are some electromagnetic motor clippers made by Wahl; the Sterling Reflections Senior Clipper, the 5-Star Magic Clip Clipper and Razor Edger Combo, and the Designer Clipper.

2. Rotary Motor

The strongest hair clippers available often have rotary motors. It is all about strength and adaptability, and it can quickly remove large chunks of hair. Even so, the electromagnetic motor might still outperform it in terms of cutting speed.

The fact is, a rotary motor is different from other motor types due to its greater torque and slower blade speed. Additionally, it can work in both AC and DC modes.

This means that direct current (DC) from batteries or alternating current (AC) from an outlet can both be used to power rotary motors. Despite being pricey, they can cut a wider range of hair textures. In addition to dog and horse grooming, they work for applications involving the removal of bulk, damp, or thick hair.

Some Wahl Clippers With a Rotary Motor

The Sterling Mag Trimmer, the 5-Star Series Cordless Detailer LI, the 5-Star Detailer with Adjustable T-Blade, and the Peanut Hair Clipper are all powered by a rotary motor.

3. Pivot Motor

The pivot motor isn’t as popular as the other motor types. This is because these are most frequently seen in clippers made for professionals. They employ two electromagnets in order to move the cutting blade back and forth, and no spring is used.

Like electromagnetic motors, they use alternating current (AC). Though they aren’t as fast as their electromagnetic counterparts, they are more powerful and straightforward. They run more quietly and don’t get as hot, which is a pleasant feature to have.

Clippers with pivot motors are best for thick, curly, or wet hair. That is why they are loved by stylists.

Clippers With Other Motors Can Be Just as Great for Black Hair

In a research titled Best Clippers for Black Men: Top 7 Hair Trimmers, we tested dozens of clippers to uncover buzzers with the most fitting performance on black men’s hair.

When buying Wahl clippers, always consider the kind of cutting the styling tool is meant for. Regardless of the motor type you choose, apply oil before and after each haircut if you haven’t used the clipper for a while. However, applying oil after each haircut should be enough for barbers.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Bottom Line

All things considered, Wahl is one of the most reputable hair clipper brands. Some of the finest hair clippers currently available on the market are made by them. Whether they are cutting human or dog hair, they blend creativity and superb build quality to provide an outstanding service.

What’s more, you always have a selection of accessories at your disposal. Many grooming products, especially hair clippers, aren’t as durable as we’d want. Having a dependable machine is so soothing. The best Wahl clippers work well and are long-lasting.

Keep in mind that when you take the plunge to get a quality haircutter, the investment will work to make you look good in return, in addition to saving some bucks along the way. I do, however, hope that this list will assist you in finding just what you need.

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