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Best Jamaican Black Castor Oils: Top 7 Brands Reviewed

As someone dealing with hair issues, I’ve tried several oils, serums, and pills that promise faster hair growth.

The Top Seven Jamaican Black Castor Oils on a Marble Table

Over time, I discovered how the hair grows and figured out which ingredients really help. This led me to the conclusion that most “miracle” products are nothing but hype.

In a rush? Here are my top picks:
Best for Hair Growth

Carlyle Jamaican Black Castor Oil
Carlyle Black Castor Oil

Makes the hair look fuller

Nourishes the scalp
Natural ingredients
Tames unruly hair
Best for Eyebrows

Hair Thickness Maximizer Jamaican Black Castor Oil
Hair Thickness Black Castor Oil

Supports eyebrow growth

Hydrates the hair
Free of toxic chemicals
Nice consistency

With this in mind, you’ll be less likely to jump on every hair-growth marketing gimmick that comes your way. In my experience, I’ve learned that hair growth is a complex process involving many factors. Some you can control and others you can’t.

Given the anecdotal evidence I gathered, I can say that although JBCO isn’t the magic it’s touted to be, Carlyle Jamaican Black Castor Oil seems to be one of the few products that work for me.

Some studies show that JBCO can help with hair growth and eliminate the build-up of dead cells, germs, and toxic substances from the scalp. It also helps to moisturize the hair, thus preventing hair frizz.

The 7 Top-Rated Jamaican Black Castor Oils for Hair Growth

Having used a variety of topical applications with no luck—shampoos, conditioners, serums, and oils—I was initially hesitant to try the Jamaican black castor oil recommended by a friend. When I finally did, my first impression was a bit of a mixed bag.

Over time, I noticed that some did better than others. And I’ve included some of my favorites in the list below.

Best forBlack Castor Oils
Hair GrowthCarlyle Jamaican Black Castor Oil
Eyebrow GrowthHair Thickness Jamaican Castor Oil
Eyelash GrowthHandcraft Jamaican Black Castor Oil
Even Skin ToneTropic Isle Living Jamaican Black Castor Oil
Beard GrowthIQ Natural Jamaican Black Castor Oil
Dreads or LocsRooted Treasure Organic Black Castor Oil
Dry SkinOkay Natural Black Jamaican Castor Oil

My hair grew significantly more while using Carlyle. That said, I also made some important lifestyle changes which made me have more glowing skin. This could have contributed to the improvements I saw.

Nevertheless, I’ve spoken to others who have used this product and have seen the progress they’ve made in their hair. Although I can’t say that this product will work for everyone, it works better than most of the products I’ve tried.

What I Looked For

My goal during this research was to get the most effective black castor oil products and find out which ones gave the best results for growing hair and also helped thicken existing hair in thinning areas.

I was also interested in oils that yielded no allergic reactions on sensitive skin.

All right, let’s get going!

How to Choose the Best Black Castor Oil

The top three best JB castor oil

Do not forget to confirm that the product you select is made entirely from Jamaican black castor oil. Harsh chemicals, hazardous poisons, and artificial components should not be added to them, as they can worsen or cause hair-related issues. Below are some questions to keep in mind.

1. Can You Stand the Smell?

Just about everyone agrees that the aroma of JBCO is ashy. In general, it has a moderate scent that dissipates once it absorbs into the skin, yet it may smell overwhelmingly to someone with a sharp sense of smell.

There are certain warning signs and doubts about the authenticity of oil that is overbearingly potent or odorless. While oil with no aroma may be too diluted or not genuine, oil with a strong aroma may be rancid. Thus, use your nose as a compass.

2. How Thick Is It?

Genuine JBC oil should be smooth, slightly heavy, and not overly light. A diluted, low-quality oil is excessively light or feels slippery. Be wary of JBC oil that’s abnormally thin. 

3. Does It Contain Hexane?

Always make the smart choice and choose hexane-free oil. Manufacturers may employ hexane, which may leave small amounts of contaminants behind and jeopardize the quality of the finished product. Avoid such oils.

4. How Does It Look?

Be on the lookout for dark brown castor oil. If the oil has a faint tint, it may have been processed industrially or may contain other, less expensive oils and substances.

5. Is It Made With Natural Ingredients?

The USDA Certified Organic label ensures that the hair oil is sourced from a natural environment devoid of fertilizers and pesticides. Even so, not all organic JBCO products have this seal.

This means that you have to do your own research and examine reviews of the product. If you rely solely on the information provided by the seller, there’s a good chance of some misinformation.

6. Can You Trust the Seller?

If the product comes from a reputable source, you can be sure that it’s pure Jamaican black castor oil. So, when shopping online, take into account the seller’s reputation.

7. Is It Worth It?

The finest brands of JBCO generally aren’t cheap, but sometimes you have to spend more for superior quality. Yet, paying top dollar for a flamboyant marketing effort or extravagant packaging is the last thing you want to do.

Correspondingly, under no circumstance should you pay a high amount for a product that contains little to no black castor oil.

Now let’s go over the seven finest black castor oils in depth since we’ve discussed how to find a decent one.

What Is the Best Black Castor Oil for Hair Growth?

The best black castor oil is Carlyle Jamaican Castor Oil. It did a good job of improving thinning areas. However, if eyebrow growth is what you want, then Hair Thickness Maximizer will be the right choice. While Handcraft does well to make eyelashes look fuller.

Let’s cut to the chase here: this JB castor oil is without a doubt the best I’ve ever used. Dark in hue and has a thick consistency.

The huge bottle is excellent value for the price I spent. The ashy fragrance is not at all offensive to me. My hair and brows have benefited from using this oil.

How Well It Works on Eyebrows

The product is really “ashy” and unadulterated, so I wouldn’t recommend it for use on eyelashes. I mistakenly shaved off my brows while styling them some time ago. After a few days of use, I noticed an improvement in the growth of my brows, which would have otherwise slowly grown back.

In addition, I observed new hair growth that was incredibly moisturized. In order to improve convenience, I would like to see a pump dispenser installed in the future. Too much oil spilled out because of the bottle’s large opening. That said, if they replenish this item, I’ll surely buy more.

Performance on Beards

Having done well on my brows, I decided to try it on my beards. But here’s some context: before I began trying to find techniques to get my beard to grow a little fuller, I never thought JBCO would work. So, naturally, it wasn’t my first choice.

However, I’m glad it proved me wrong. Although beauty items are more expensive, this 16-ounce bottle is by far the best deal I’ve encountered. Compared to the other six tested varieties, which tended to rub off, this one is thick, has an even color, and seems to be seeping into my hair better.

The Scent

The fragrance is nothing to be afraid of. The aroma is not quite as repulsive to me as some have claimed, but it is moderate, earthy, and faintly smokey. I like to add some coconut oil to it, which helps dilute the JBCO scent.

In my opinion, it has a pleasant aroma that reminds me of roasted castor beans. The other more costly brand I was using didn’t smell like that and wasn’t as thick. It feels like the real deal, 100% pure Jamaican black castor oil and appears to be effective for both skin and hair.

Overall Experience

I opted to get the product in a large bottle and utilize it for my own mixture after getting tired of purchasing Jamaican black castor oil concoctions in small bottles. It works wonders for thickening African-American eyebrows and hair edges that are thinning.

When used with carrier oils and essential oils, it’s also fantastic for thickening the full head of hair. I believe that a hair product’s scent affects how well it works to grow and thicken hair. Since it is so powerful, I believe only a small bit needs to be applied to the hair.

Note: Avoid applying pure JBCO to sensitive skin. Dilute its power by mixing it with a carrier oil like coconut oil, so it doesn’t burn your skin. If you have sensitive skin, limit your use to just your hair.

What I Like

Nourishes the hair and skin
Actually works
Doesn’t contain parabens, SLS petroleum, or mineral oil
Made with natural ingredients

What Can Improve

Has a strong roasted castor bean scent
The bottle has a large opening

Final Verdict

Carlyle’s ability to solely concentrate on quality is made possible by the incredibly small volumes in which their oil is harvested. It is pure and condensed, thus resulting in its thick consistency and strong ashy aroma. It gives life to dull hair. But you may have to use it for a week to notice the delightful changes.

I was curious as to how well this product worked after Jhene Aiko recommended it. Well, there’s a lot to like about this product. If you want a JBCO that doesn’t smell like cigarettes, then this is for you.

With Hair Thickness Maximizer JBCO, you get roughly the same consistency for a fairly odorless product. The sheen it gives my hair and relief from dryness are its main benefits. As for hair growth, I’m yet to notice any significant change.

I appreciate how this castor oil is cold-pressed, pure, and unrefined. This kind of product can keep frizz under control and help natural, curly hair seem lustrous and easy to manipulate. Since this is a high-quality product, there is truly nothing bad to say, apart from what’s written on the bottle.

Performance on Acne-Prone Skin

It could make you break out so badly you’d have to stop using it. For the record, I was applying it at night to strengthen my brows, lashes, and hairline. Apart from that, the oil is fairly odorless and has a great, thick viscosity.

Where Is Hair Thickness Maximizer JBCO Made?

Although Jamaican black castor oil is clearly written on the bottle, make no mistake, my friend. This product is made in the US. Thankfully, the seller openly expressed that. What wonderful candor!

If I was looking for black castor oil made in Jamaica, then I would have been disappointed. But my primary motivation for purchasing it was to evaluate the product’s quality. The use of the term “Jamaican Black Castor Oil” for a product that isn’t produced in Jamaica is a common move in the business playbook.

It doesn’t seem right that so many businesses misrepresent their products’ capabilities and quality. I believe there should be a law that forbids a business from using the name of a different country on a product that is not manufactured there.

The Oil’s Color

Moreover, the color of authentic Jamaican black castor oil is dark brown. On the other hand, regular castor oil has a golden-yellow hue. From the looks of it, this oil has a golden hue. You can take a look at the picture I’ve included.

Hair Thickness Maximizer JBCO Color

I discovered that when heat processing and roasting are used to create Jamaican black castor oil, it results in a darker hue. But when it is cold-pressed, it leads to a golden yellow substance.

While cold-pressing helps preserve some of the nutrients of the castor bean, it lacks some of the unique properties of the fire-roasted procedure. Hence, there is nothing brownish or smoky about this product.

How to Use Hair Thickness Maximizer’s JBCO

Great, attractive, and leak-proof packaging was used. The liquid is good and thick, and there isn’t any aroma that I could detect. I appreciate the dropper. I’d advise you to apply it over the scalp for optimum effects. Before going to bed, give your head a 3-minute massage and use a durag or a bonnet.

The next morning, take a shower. It is advisable to apply it overnight and do it two to three times a week if you have sensitive skin. Try to wash your hair as little as possible if you want to let it grow out. Once every three days should be enough.

I warm it on my fingertips before applying it to my scalp. For everyday use, it’s just too thick. As a result, it will make black women’s hair greasy. I’m going to use this as a hair treatment on occasion in the future.

What I Like

Hydrates the hair and scalp
It is unscented
Free of toxic chemicals
Great customer service

What Can Improve

The dropper snapped after a while

Final Verdict

Having a pure, unprocessed product is good. You’ll adore how simple it is to use. because there are no fillers or other additives. It is a lovely, small bottle that won’t take up much space in your bathroom. Furthermore, because the bottle is made of glass, it won’t do any harm to the environment. Additionally, black castor oil offers long-lasting protection to your skin while strengthening your nails and treating broken skin on your hands and feet.

If this was a packaging and popularity contest, then Handcraft Blends would easily claim the number one spot. With over 12 thousand ratings, this product has swiftly become a household name. Given the quality and exceptional results it delivers, it certainly deserves to be one of the best Jamaican black castor oils.

Yes, this does smell smoky due to the process of making black castor oil. This shows that it isn’t overly processed. If you use a lot of it, the smell persists, but with less of it, it fades easily. Although I used it overnight and washed it out in the morning, it left my hair feeling silky and smooth.

How Well It Works on Eyebrows and Nails

I used this product on my baby girl’s eyebrows and hairline for about three months. Here’s what I noticed: her hairline is no longer receding and it appears she’s developing little baby hairs. However, it didn’t do much for the eyebrows aside from softening the hair.

Her curls are also bouncier. And her hair seems smoother and less frizzy. Still hoping it will work, while continuing to fill in her brows. When applied to nails, it does soften, but the softness goes as soon as you wash it with soap and water.

Performance on Dark Spots

It’s a bit difficult to distribute on the skin or scalp due to the texture’s thick and sticky consistency. To dilute it, add some carrier oil. In addition to using it on the hair, I also use this product on dark spots. Not much hair growth was observed, though.

However, I’m quite pleased that the dark patches I once had are fading and integrating into my skin tone. This suggests that it works on hyperpigmentation.

The Scent

Before a job or a significant event, I wouldn’t put it on. Get ready for the intense aroma because it’s pure oil.

Can It Work as a Hair Styling Agent?

The product’s content is thicker than you may anticipate, and it has the styling effect for a short while before it gets absorbed and loses this ability. If you want to give your hair a little bit more structure or rigidity while also growing it out, I would suggest using this product.

The consistency or viscosity is rather thick to be used as a body oil or even for hair. The removal of all remnants could need up to four washes. Just applying lather is quite challenging.

How to Use the Handcraft JBCO

Apply it to your body and hair after taking a shower while it’s still damp. It’ll moisturize your hair and skin for more than 24 hours, keeping it soft. You can apply a dime-sized amount to other areas of interest.

If the skin around your nails often peels off, apply some castor oil to it. It’ll do more than stop the peeling. Your natural nails will grow faster and healthier. I’ve been generously using the product for a while. And happy with the results.

If you don’t want to take a bath, just spray some water on your hair, then apply some castor oil and wrap your hair with a bonnet or durag so that it can get absorbed. Plus, the scent isn’t overpowering, nor does it cause any burning sensation.

For the ladies in the house, you can use it to remove heavy mascara at night. As for our black brothers, you can use this to style and manage your beard.

Note: Please do not use this on your private parts. It gives a burning sensation.

What I Like

Little goes a long way
Evens out skin tone
Comes with three different dispensing cap
Softens the nails
Moisturizes the hair

What Can Improve

A bit pricey

Final Verdict

Excellent presentation, speedy shipment, and a top-notch product that includes 3 different caps, one of which is a pump. These are some unique attributes of this product that earned it a place in our list of the best black castor oils. Consequently, this item works fine for all hair types: coarse, thick, or thinning hair. This oil is made for the natural hair of African-American men and women. Thick hair becomes softer and thin hair becomes thicker. Given what you get, this is an excellent price.

Another multi-tasking black castor oil comes from Tropic Isle Living, a company with over thirty years of experience delivering natural hair products. In doing so, the company accesses an ancient tradition of holistic beauty that remains relevant today.

Best Multipurpose Oil for Hair Loss

Tropic Isle Living Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Tropic Isle Living Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Tropic Isle Living Jamaican black castor oil is a potent and effective hair conditioner, but it’s been used for a variety of other things in the past, including aches and pains, skin problems, breast massage, and more.

Overall Experience

I suggested it to two colleagues because of the overwhelming number of favorable comments it has received. The first, who is currently in his early forties, has had locs for about two decades. Although he doesn’t have a receding hairline, after cutting his dreads, there were certain patches with a few hair strands.

During his dread days, he got his hair twisted once a week, and in some circumstances, twice a week. So, the incessant twisting led to hair loss. Although things are getting better, the problem is still not resolved. It takes a while, and he’s only been using it for two months.

However, he hasn’t yet finished the bottle. Each day, after taking a shower, he applies a tiny dab. We’re approaching the healing process with patience. Secondly, I recommended it to an African-American woman in her late 50s. Here are the observations:

Jamaican Black Castor Oil for Hair Growth Before and After

After she had brain surgery, hair wasn’t growing back in the cut areas. So, she started massaging Tropic Isle Living JBCO every day in the first photo. And three months later, it’s almost complete as depicted in the second photo.

Jamaican Black Castor Oil for Hair Growth Before and After

Wonderful, isn’t it?

You should use this product if you want to regrow your thinning hair. Keep in mind that it takes time to get started. Months pass before results are apparent. For the past four months, she’s used it every night.

However, because she felt like she wasn’t making any progress, she almost gave up after the fourth week. Thank goodness she persisted. In the fourth month, she took a shot of the crown of her head and contrasted the results with the images from day one.

The transformation astounded us all, especially because she was on the verge of giving up. Applying this each night and washing it off each morning requires a lot of commitment.

However, she was in dire need since her mid-scalp was exposed. Currently, she no longer has any glaring patches. It’s clear she will eventually be able to grow out her hair completely, just like she did before.

Note: Be aware that using the oil won’t cause your hair to reach Rapunzel’s length in a year or even two. But a few extra centimeters of hair growth every month is nice to have.

What I Like

Helps with hair regrowth
Adds volume to thinning hair
Has a variety of use cases

What Can Improve

The bottle is made of plastic

Final Verdict

Wonderful oil! Since it is thick, only a small amount should be used. You can reduce the thickness by adding some olive oil, jojoba oil, or grape seed oil to it. The bottle could last for a year. It hydrates the scalp. This oil is for you if don’t mind having a faint tingling sensation on your scalp as it boosts hair development. Though it is often used exclusively on the scalp for its advantages, it works great on the hair shaft as well.

IQ Natural is another company that places emphasis on using only natural ingredients free of dangerous chemicals. You can use it with complete confidence because it’s 100% natural, manufactured with the highest-quality oils possible, without any chemicals or fillers, and is USDA certified.

It comes in a high-quality dark amber plastic bottle that shields the oil from UV light, preserving the shelf life of the oil. I would have preferred an amber glass. More on that later.

Want Healthier Beard Growth?

To determine the best beard oil for black men, we compared some of the greatest options in this post. This can be handy, sparing you the hassle of searching for high-quality beard oils.

Since some find the scent of pure JBCO unappealing, IQ Natural uses additional filtration procedures to significantly minimize the smell. As a result, it smells more like peanut oil. The procedure has little impact on the oil’s general quality, though.

The Plastic Bottle

Despite the fact that it appears to be one of the few controlled, safe, and organic JBCOs available globally, it comes in a plastic bottle. In a way, this negates its organic benefits. It is commonly known that castor oil causes the plastic to lose its chemical composition. Plastic is also unfriendly to the environment; therefore, I’m not a big fan.

However, it made it to this list because I know that JBCO is an excellent product and at least this one is produced in a safe manner. This product would be perfect if the manufacturers switched to utilizing glass bottles, for which I’d be willing to pay a little more.

Performance on Sensitive Skin

If you have skin that is quite delicate, applying pure Jamaican black castor oil from IQ Natural to your lashes and eyebrows may cause some irritation. So, I suggest testing it on your inner arm or neck first. Also, if you intend to apply this to your face, certainly dilute it or do a patch test.

Overall Experience

A little goes a long way. I mostly use it to preserve the moisture in my hair, especially in the winter. In order to promote hair development by reducing breakage, I added a few drops of peppermint and sage essential oils to the container. I then use a small amount on my scalp and massage it in. There is no longer any dandruff on my scalp thanks to using this.

What I Like

Helps prevent hair breakage
Relieves dandruff and itchy scalp
Thickens and strengthens hair
Promotes beard growth

What Can Improve

Come in a plastic container

Final Verdict

The hair is incredibly soft thanks to this IQ’s oil. You’ll notice that your hair is softer and easier to maintain if you use it while trying to grow your hair out. Additionally, it’s easy to apply. Although it could take some time, it does work. Although it has a not-so-pleasing scent, it’s passable. I’m confident that this product is genuine organic black castor oil, given my experience. Plus, it has a USDA certification.

To all the natural queens, Rooted Treasure is, by a wide margin, better than most Jamaican black castor oil out there. Thankfully, it’s great for guys too. So, brothers, don’t sleep on this.

The goal of Rooted Treasure, a small family-run business, is to offer people sustainably obtained organic products that are produced according to age-old techniques. They feel a sense of duty to provide reliable natural products.

The Manufacturing Process

The traditional handcrafted method is used to create Rooted Treasure black castor oil right there in Jamaica. Hexane has not been added, and there is no salt or preservatives. The JBCO is made in small batches to protect the integrity of the oil. All hair types, beards, eyebrows, and beard hair can benefit from this Jamaican black castor oil.

Overall Experience

The first thing you notice about this brand is its presentation. It comes in a retro-style knitted bag, which is a nice touch.

Rooted Treasure JBCO Packaging

If you’d like to step outside your comfort zone, try Rooted Treasure’s black Jamaican black castor oil. This product may be used by men, women, and kids. You can combine it with other oils or other hair products. Absolutely adore what the Rooted Treasure does in my hair. There’s a good chance some folks will stop to ask what you use.

Most importantly, you can combine this with any hair product you currently use. As for me, I simply use it right out of the bottle.

It gives the hair volume, and if you have curls or dreads, it’ll make them cinch up with hardly any scalp showing. Similarly, it has an identical effect on the beard. The beard and hair still appear to be quite well-nourished after washing them this morning. followed by a smell.

The Scent

Like most natural Jamaican black castor oil, this smells like roasted nuts. Furthermore, the smell will likely appeal to those who want natural scents. It’s incredibly realistic and heartwarming. For those who do not like it initially, the scent of black castor oil grows on you over time.

Due to my love for this product, I hope this company releases more goods like balms and shampoos, or perhaps a larger bottle of this oil. All in all, a fantastic product inside of a nice bag that arrived early. Any product made by a trustworthy family company like Rooted Treasure that is truly natural comes highly recommended.

What I Like

Moisturizes the hair
Does not contain any harmful chemicals
Thickens hair strands and edges

What Can Improve

Wish they provided more content for the price

Final Verdict

Fantastic product! You can be sure it’s authentic. The missus loaded the pouch it came in with a mixture of dried petals and spices and hung it in our car because the little pouch it comes in is cute. Even though the bottle is small, it works incredibly effectively, and a little goes a long way. This may deter some consumers from buying it, but the fragrance of charred coffee beans is her favorite. Lest I forget, it was delivered quickly.

A list of the best Jamaican black castor oils without a mention of Okay Extra Dark JBCO would be incomplete. Given the versatility and options the Okay brand offers, it’s hard to ignore their products.

With about 18 variants of castor oil made available by the brand, you have quite a lot of options to choose from depending on what you’re looking for. I reviewed the Coconut Extra Dark and the Tea Tree Extra Dark variants due to my love for the combo. It harmonizes the strengths of two impressive types of oil.

Available Options

As of this writing, these are the options available:

Quite a lot, right?

Coconut Extra Dark

This JBCO variant makes the thickest of hair silky and simple to comb through. I used it for over a month and have seen some fresh growth. There isn’t much aroma either. My scalp occasionally becomes slightly itchy when applied. The itch goes away in due course; I believe it’s the ricinoleic acid stimulating the scalp. That said, it’s a great oil for natural hair.

Tea Tree Extra Dark

I have some observations with regard to the Tea Tree Extra Dark Variant. The first thing to notice is the purple tint. Black castor oil is typically a dark brown color, but this one is purple.

Second, the castor oil is not as thick as regular castor oil; perhaps another oil has been added. Its deep ruby hue and lack of thickness may be caused by the addition of tea tree oil. Naturally, I’m a little hesitant to use anything I don’t recognize on my hair.

The Bottle In General

The fact that the oil was packaged in a glass bottle is a good call. However, it is also its greatest drawback. The package’s interior was sticky and contained a small amount of liquid—not a lot, but enough to be noticed. If the bottle had been properly sealed, this wouldn’t have happened. The liquid, which seemed oily or slimy, was all over the bottle.

The product itself is nice, but I wish my shipment had been properly wrapped and transported so I could have a complete bottle. I didn’t get a whole bottle, which is kind of a bummer because I was looking forward to making this last for a while. I still had a good experience using it, though.

Performance on Beards

My beard feels silky and shines all day thanks to this oil. Thank goodness, the trend of facial coverings is all over, otherwise, the fragrance might have been a touch too potent for you. On days when I’m at home and without a mask for the duration of the day, I tend to use the product more frequently.

What I Like

Comes in a lot of varieties
Packaged in an amber glass bottle
Improves hair texture
Great for dry scalp

What Can Improve

A more secure dispenser should be used to prevent the oil from smearing the surface of the container

Final Verdict

All around, Okay makes hair easier to manage and works to fill in bald patches. I used it alongside other products, so the black castor oil contributed partly to the good results I noticed. Although a bit thick, it dissolves readily in the hands and works gently into the hair. Keep the bottle upright; don’t allow it to tip over. Otherwise, you will have oil all over your surfaces. Regardless, the oil is effective.

Congrats on making it this far! For the time being, these are the best options available. If a product’s quality deteriorates, it will be removed from the list. And I’ll keep looking through stores to find what’s better.

What Is the Difference Between Jamaican Black Castor Oil and Clear Castor Oil?

The fact is, when it comes to using JBCO to promote hair growth, there seems to be a buzz about it. Why? Well, we investigated the chemical make-up and manufacturing processes of each variety of castor oil to understand the advantages, disadvantages, and differences.

Here are some differences between clear castor oil and black castor oil:

1. JBCO’s Production Process Involves Roasting Castor Beans

The method used to extract the oil from the castor beans is what distinguishes Jamaican black castor oil from regular castor oil. The castor beans are roasted before being ground into a thick paste and then boiled in a pot of hot water to extract the oil.

While castor beans are pressed to extract oil in both cases. Still, JBCO follows the traditional method for making Jamaican Black Castor Oil, which involves roasting the beans first, a process not too different from that of coffee.

2. Regular Castor Oil Has a Lighter Hue

The oil is skimmed into separate bottles after rising to the surface because oil and water have different densities. The outcome is the Jamaican black castor oil that we are all familiar with.

Because it contains ash, Jamaican Black Castor Oil has a dark brown hue, unlike conventional castor oil, which is golden yellow. Jamaican Black Castor Oil gets its name and gorgeous, deep, rich color from the roasting process and the accompanying dark ash.

3. JB Castor Oil Is More Alkaline Than Regular Castor Oil

Although Jamaican black castor oil producers claim that the alkalinity of ash allows the cuticle of the hair shaft to open. However, ash may not be the best ingredient, and a rise in the alkalinity level of the hair has its drawbacks.

The oil in question has a higher alkalinity level than regular castor oil, resulting in the opening of the cuticle, which can cause the hairs to rub against one another. This makes the hair more brittle and prone to breakage.

Using JBCO on your hair length can make this problem worse if your hair is kinky, coily, or curly. These hairstyles are already prone to dryness and breakage. Increased alkalinity levels can make the situation worse.

4. Unlike JBCO, Regular Castor Oil Does Not Require Dilution

One way to prevent the possibility of hair dryness due to the alkalinity of JBCO is to avoid using it on your hair length. But, by doing that, you’ll be missing out on the rich benefits of Jamaican black castor oil.

The best option is to do a follow-up process by applying carrier oils like coconut oil, jojoba oil, or argan oil to your hair after the alkaline treatment. There is also the dilution process. This involves mixing JBCO with carrier oil in a 1:3 ratio.

5. Jamaican Black Castor Oil Works Best When Applied to the Scalp

Using JB castor oil on the lengths of the hair as a moisturizer may ultimately be a waste of the beneficial properties of the oil. Sometimes, opening the cuticle of the hair might be helpful for allowing nutrients to permeate the hair shaft.

If JB castor oil is applied directly to the hair root, its active component, ricinoleic acid, which is responsible for the oil’s spectacular hair-growing properties, can promote hair growth.

A good example of that is Carlyle Jamaican Black Castor Oil, which you apply directly to your scalp. This results in an improved circulation of blood on the scalp. Furthermore, this helps in transferring the nutrients your hair needs to flourish.

6. While Regular Castor Oil Is Slightly Acidic, Jamaican Black Castor Oil Is More Alkaline

If your scalp is overly acidic, the alkalinity of the JBCO may be beneficial. Pimples, oiliness, and redness are all symptoms of excessive skin acidity.

Additionally, you may notice that your scalp is sensitive, itchy, and often appears greasy. In this situation, applying JBCO to your scalp might be able to reduce the irritation and balance your scalp’s pH levels to neutral.

On the flip side, applying JBCO can make your circumstances worse if your scalp is very alkaline. Too much alkaline can cause dryness and sensitivity in the scalp, and it can even cause eczema symptoms. The JBCO’s alkalinity in these circumstances may aggravate the discomfort.

7. Regular Castor Oil Works Better at Taming Frizz

Regular castor bean oil, which has a lower pH by nature, works better at taming frizz given that there isn’t any ash present. As a result, there is less hair breakage since there is less negative static charge generated on the surface of the hair.

8. Regular Castor Oil Is Generally More Processed

Castor oil in its regular form is known for being more processed. Its production is simpler to set up because it has fewer steps and doesn’t require roasting or boiling.

On the bright side, the amount of ricinoleic acid in the oil is unaffected by how the bean is processed—whether it is physically crushed with a pestle and mortar, roasted over an open flame, or both.

Also, the manner in which the oil is extracted has a barely significant impact on the levels of ricinoleic acid. That said, whichever oil you decide to use, be sure that the seller is honest.

Having considered these differences, let’s discuss how to use JB castor oil.

How to Use Jamaican Black Castor Oil for Hair Growth

Although ordinary castor oil and Jamaican Black castor oil have about the same effect on hair growth, the alkalinity produced by the ash aids in JBCO’s absorption into the hair shaft. Depending on the pH of your scalp, it can either be harmful or beneficial for the health of your scalp.

What is the best way to use a bottle of Jamaican black castor oil? Let’s find out:

1. Wash Your Hair With a Moisturizing Shampoo

Before applying any product to your hair, it is important to get rid of germs, dirt, grime, and other pollutants. You don’t want those impurities to get in the way because a buildup of pollutants can cause irritations and other hair issues.

Follow through by rinsing with warm water as it aids in the absorption of nutrients into the hair follicles.

2. Apply a Few Drops of JBCO Directly to Your Hair Root or Use Your Fingertips

If you’d prefer to use your fingertips, massage your scalp for about five minutes using one to two tablespoons of the JBCO. You can increase the quantity based on your hair’s thickness and length.

3. Cover Your Hair All Night or for About 30 Minutes

You might ask: Can I leave Jamaican black castor oil in my hair overnight? Yes, you can leave Jamaican black castor oil in your hair overnight. Just make sure to use a durag, bonnet, scarf, or shower cap, and wear it all night.

Otherwise, you would leave a mess (oil residue) on your pillowcase and bed sheets. Another option is to leave it on for at least thirty minutes (preferably one hour) to aid in its absorption so that your scalp can get all the goodness before washing it off.

The Overnight Application Method

Use your fingertips to ensure that the hair bases are adequately covered. Don a head covering and get prepared to go to bed. Allow the oil to do its job while you get some rest.

Note: Sleeping with a head covering might not be comfortable, especially if you’re just starting your hair routine. As a black man who has experienced this, I can say it gets easier with time. Simply wrap your hair loosely.

At least twice a week, use the overnight method. Within three weeks, you should notice fuller and thicker hair. Due to castor oil’s high omega-9 fatty acid content, this therapy typically aids in reviving damaged hair and ensuring that the scalp has enough of it.

As soon as your hair is moisturized and healthy, you can start doing the overnight method once a week.

4. Rinse With Warm Water

JBCO is a heavy oil with a thick consistency. It can be washed off initially by rinsing with warm water.

5. Use a Moisturizing Shampoo

It is advisable to use a shampoo that doesn’t contain sulfate to maintain a pleasant sheen and softness.

6. Apply Hair Conditioner

Work some conditioner into your hair lengths, preferably one that is silicone-free. Leave it in place as directed on the conditioner bottle.

7. Rinse Out With Cold Water

Cold water should be used to rinse the conditioner. This is because moisture is kept in and further breakage is curbed by using cold water.

8. Air-Dry Your Hair

Let your hair dry naturally and stay away from using heat-styling tools like a blow-dryer.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Bottom Line

The best Jamaican black castor oil may do wonders for your hair and scalp. This is necessary for healthy, long hair, even though there is a paucity of scientific evidence linking the oil to hair development.

To successfully address your hair-related issues, you can use any of the products we’ve listed. Your hair strands will most likely become stronger, smoother, and more elastic as a result.

Also, keep in mind that some routine behaviors, such as wearing extremely tight hairstyles, vigorous brushing, and overusing heat styling tools, can lead to hair loss and breakage. Also, we’ve discovered that despite how fantastic castor oil is, it has its limitations.

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