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Best Wave Brush: Top 7 Hair Brushes Reviewed

The wavy, closely cropped black men’s hairstyle is a classic, laidback yet polished look that seems to boost the appearance of almost anyone.

the top 3 best wave brushes on a marble floor

While this hairstyle depends largely on the texture of your hair, a good hair brush can make your hair look even better by adding details to your waves.

In a rush? Here are my top picks:
Best for Thin Hair

StyleCraft Men’s Professional Natural Wave Brush
StyleCraft Natural Wave Brush

A professional wave brush

Barber’s favorite
Fantastic for thin hair
Feels comfortable
Best for Coarse Hair

Torino Pro Wave Brush by Brush King
Torino Pro Wave Brush

The bulldozer of hair brushes

Made for coarse hair
Excellent packaging
Superb quality

These are the top two of the seven wave brushes reviewed in this guide. Now, let’s go through an overview of all seven brushes and what makes them best.

Summary of the Best Brushes for 360 Waves

If you’re just starting out, creating detailed waves can be tricky. Using the wrong brushes can make it even more complicated. So, I’ve compared several brushes to see what gives the most defined 360 waves. Below is a summary of my findings.

Best forHair Brushes for Waves
Thin HairStyleCraft Natural Wave Brush
Coarse HairTorino Pro Wave Brush by Brush King
Hard Wave BrushPremium Curved Wave Brush
BeginnersCrown Quality 360 Wave Brush
Short HairWav Enforcer “Spin” Wave Brush
Nappy HairKeryKwan Curve Wave Brush
WolfingWolfin Curved 360 Wave Brush

While reviewing the best hair brushes for waves, I looked for brushes that’d be suitable for coarse, nappy, straight, short, long, or curly hair. And I grouped them into their respective categories to enable you to make an informed decision.

Note that a soft brush works best for straight, thin, and nappy hair. Coarse, long, and wiry hair, on the other hand, responds better to a hard brush.

Let’s get started!

What Is the Best Wave Brush?

The best wave brush is StyleCraft Men’s Professional Brush. This brush works fine for thin hair. With its handmade bamboo handle and delicate boar bristles, it provides the comfort and results one would expect from a wave brush.

Having said that, you’d need something more rugged if you have coarse hair. Torino Pro Wave Brush is the right choice. Moreover, you can take it a notch further by getting the hard Premium Curved Wave Brush for long hair.

Though not as popular as Brush King in the wave brush space, SyleCraft hair products are known for superb workmanship and attention to detail. So I wasn’t surprised to find that their cheap brush worked satisfactorily for thin hair.

Best Cheap Wave Brush for Thin Hair

StyleCraft Men’s Professional Natural Wave Brush
StyleCraft Natural Wave Brush

The last thing anyone with thin hair wants is a brush so hard it can hurt the scalp. SyleCraft’s hair brush has a soft yet tight bristle head for styling hair in a gentle manner. Its bristles gently coax out natural-looking waves.

Key Features

Material: Boar bristle
Bristle Texture: Natural and soft
Color: Black
Weight: 1.23 ounces
Length: 5.75 inches
Width: 1.10 inches
Best for: Thin hair

This brush helps style your hair with less effort and no damage whatsoever. Even better, water droplets simply bead off this styling brush as if it weren’t even there.

Design and Performance

When you pick up the SyleCraft hairbrush from a supply store, you’ll notice that it feels a lot lighter than other brushes on the market. This brush is simpler and therefore sleeker than others.

It comes with an oval-shaped grip handle, designed to sweep past hair while avoiding unnecessary hand strain. It makes hair styling, outlining, and fading easier and more efficient.

SyleCraft’s hairbrush is currently used by many professionals and is proven to work wonderfully. It has great quality, and most have acknowledged its ease of use.

The small size of this hair-styling tool makes it possible to keep it in your clipper carrying bag or even your pocket. Remember, when getting a hairbrush, search for one that works well and is built to last like the StyleCraft brush.

What I Like

Great for thin hair
Barber’s favorite
Bristles feel comfortable

What Can Improve

Harsh chemicals could damage the brush bristles

Final Verdict

The wave brush by Stylecraft is an all-purpose brush that can be used for fading and creating waves. Its soft bristles make it good for sensitive scalps and thin hair. Furthermore, the bristles are closely packed to get even the most stubborn strands to lie flat.

Torino Pro Wave Brush needs no introduction, as it is the most popular men’s wave brush.

Best Wave Brush for Coarse Hair

Torino Pro Wave Brush by Brush King
Torino Pro Wave Brush #350

Torino Pro is a brand with over 50 different wave brushes, each designed for a different hair type. This brand claims to own the largest variety of wave brushes on Amazon, thus having a brush for even the trickiest hair texture.

Key Features

Material: Boar bristle
Bristle Texture: Medium
Color: Blue grip and black-brown bristles
Weight: 3.93 ounces
Length: 10.79 inches
Width: 3.23 inches
Best for: Short curly, coarse, and thick hair

First Impression

I initially contemplated whether to get this Torino brush because it felt pricey, but I decided to try it because most cheap brushes shed their bristles even with the slightest touch. Learning about the various kinds of bristles got me interested. Torino hair brushes are made entirely of boar bristles, with no nylon bristles mixed in.

When my order arrived, the packaging was simply clean and branded. And it came with an instruction card on how I should take care of the brush. Well, that was thoughtful. I had a really good first impression; the packaging and design were excellent.

When I used the hairbrush for the first time, I immediately noticed how good the bristles felt. They gripped my hair well and pulled it easily. The brush is wide and covers a large territory. It’s a medium-sized brush; it’s not too big or too small for anyone.


My colleagues told me that they found the Torino brushes relaxing to use. Another said that he liked the grip and that the medium-hard brush was better for wolfing his hair.

This is one of the brushes that’ll be good for coarse hair, and it’d be helpful in the waving process. The medium-hard texture provides just enough pull to help define your waves.

If you’re sensitive to hard brushes and you can’t go past medium, the Torino brush gives you the penetration and pull of a hard brush without hurting your scalp. This brush is exactly what I was looking for, and I recommend it.

Note: Please be aware that some bristles may fall out during the first use of the brush, but that’s normal and it shed only a few strands during my first brushing session.

What I Like

Excellent packaging
Has high-quality boar bristles
Provides good grip

What Can Improve

Not shower friendly

Final Verdict

Overall, the Torino Pro is an excellent choice for people with short or long hair. The bristles are extra long, so you can sweep them through your hair while brushing, giving you a smooth, shiny finish. If you want to perfect your wave, start with freshly cut hair and work your way up to wolfing it. I also like the curved shape; it makes it possible to cover a larger area.

I remember seeing Premium Pocket Wave Brush on YouTube when I was looking for tips about maintaining waves. It got my attention because it seemed like a high-quality pocket brush. So, I got it and tried it out. My waves connection improved after a week of regular brushing. Remarkable, right?

Best Hard Brush for 360 Waves

Pocket Curved Wave Brush
Premium Curved Wave Brush

Key Features

Material: Boar bristle
Bristle Texture: Hard
Color: Midnight blue grip, black bristles
Weight: 5.61 ounces
Length: 6.8 inches
Width: 4.8 inches
Best for: Long coarse, thick, and frizzy hair

First Impression

At under $10 price point, this is among the best brushes I’ve ever used. The quality far exceeds my expectations. It’s effective in conditioning black hair and is comfortable to hold.

Protective Case

This brush comes in a hard plastic case that can be used to protect the bristles. So, if you’re traveling, you can simply put the case on your brush, throw it in your bag, and don’t have to worry about your bristles getting damaged or slanted. This makes the brush quite durable.

Design and Performance

I like the design of the brush. It feels really strong and would not easily bend or tear. I’ve got my waves spinning with this. You can use a thick pomade with this brush for the best results.

Available Options

The brand produces both soft and hard brushes. While the soft brush is preferable for sensitive scalp wavers, the hard brush is best for coarse hair wavers. If you are tender-headed, please avoid hard or medium-hard brushes.

Cleaning Tips

I would not recommend that you clean this brush with water. Many users have complained that after long exposure to water, their hard-bristled brushes soften. So, I think it’s best to avoid washing the brush with water—warm or cold.

That notwithstanding, this is a great utility brush. You can keep one at your work desk, another in your car, and one at home. That’s a great way to give your hair the care that it needs!

What I Like

Durable plastic cover
The ideal travel brush
Superb quality

What Can Improve

I don’t like the scent

Final Verdict

Premium Pocket Brush fits my hand perfectly, making it easy to use. The bristles are firm and get the hair right where I want it. Want your waves to connect? This brush can help. You can try the wash and style method if you figure that the brush is too hard for you.

I own a number of brushes as a waver, but this brush from Crown Quality Products (QCP) is another one I enjoy using. It lays hair with ease and has a nice pull.

Best Wave Brush for Beginners

Crown Quality Products 360 Wave Brush

Crown Quality 360 Sport Wave Brush

Key Features

Material: Boar bristle
Bristle Texture: Medium
Color: Matte black
Weight: 6.38 ounces
Length: 5 inches
Width: 2.85 inches
Best for: Curly, coarse, thick, and frizzy hair

First Impression

It was a bit heavier than I anticipated. But the quality is commendable. So don’t panic when it gets into water, it’s water-resistant and safe to use in the shower.

Among all the brushes I reviewed, only the Torino Pro can compete with this brand in offering different color options. If you love really colorful brushes, then there’s a chance that you’ll see a color you like.

The Grip

The grip is something else! It has an admirably nice grip; it wouldn’t feel slippery when used in the shower. The gripper on the side of the brush made it firmer in my hands. And it fits into my palm like a glove. Depending on the kind of waves that you want, you can hold the brush at different angles.

The Quality

I could feel the quality when I held it. I like that they’ve moved on from wood. The build looks pretty durable and more resistant to water damage. I doubt my test unit will fall apart anytime soon. You’ll notice its superior quality when you use another similarly curved brush. That said, I wish the gold painting would last a little longer.

I’m considering trying the wash-and-style method with the brush to see how it holds up. A colleague complained about the bristles shedding when he tried it, but I don’t know if that’s just a faulty unit. I hope mine doesn’t fall apart.

What I Like

It is waterproof
Offers multiple color options
Has a nice grip

What Can Improve

The handle has a subtle chemical smell

Final Verdict

The QCP brush is ideal for 360 waves! It is one brand I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend. When I first opened the package, I was struck by its quality and thick bristles. The grip is another amazing feature. Not many brushes are designed like this.

If you’re new to waves, this is one of the most affordable brushes to check out. I like its medium-soft bristles. I first saw this brush on a friend with fine, oily hair. He often uses it before covering his hair with a durag.

Best Cheap Wave Brush for Short Hair

Wav Enforcer “Spin” Wave Brush
Wav Enforcer “Spin” Wave Brush

Compared to other boar-bristled brushes, this provides great value for money. I think some cheap boar brushes are mixed with plastic, but this doesn’t feel that way.

Key Features

Material: Wooden grip, boar bristle
Bristle Texture: Medium-soft
Color: Brown
Weight: 3.99 ounces
Length: 8.50 inches
Width: 2.25 inches
Best for: 4C hair

The medium-soft bristles don’t only feel and look good, but they also lay my hair nicely. My coworkers with 4C hair had positive things to say about the brush as well. The bristles look durable and feel different. I can tell my waves look better from using this.


The design of this brush looks quite different from others. It has a long wooden handle that gives a firm grip. You wouldn’t have any problem maintaining your waves with this. It distributes pomade and natural oils all over your hair.


The price of the brush is noteworthy. If you want to develop or maintain waves, this is a decent-quality brush that won’t cost you much. I’ve come across nicer brushes, but they are expensive and difficult to get. So Wav Enforcer is a good place to start.


I noticed a few loose bristles when I first used the hairbrush, but that’s normal for a new brush. It sheds less with continual use. However, the inscription engraved on the brush fades over time.

Even so, the Wav Enforcer lives up to its name. It’s neither too soft nor too hard. What interests me is, it’s also great for wolfing. There are some other brands that can’t be used for wave maintenance and wolfing.

What I Like

Great wave brush
Has a long wooden handle
Satisfactory build quality

What Can Improve

The packaging

Final Verdict

The Wav Enforcer is a fantastic wave brush. The brush bristles are ideal for curly African hair. It makes it easier to achieve the wavy look we desire. It’s a must-have in a waver’s arsenal and works well with most pomades.

Let’s say you are new to waving and haven’t gotten a durag yet. This can get you started. You can use it before you sleep and when you wake up. The bristles aren’t as stiff as others, but the end result is worth it.

Best Wave Brush for Straight and Nappy Hair

KeryKwan Medium Hard Curve Wave Brush
KeryKwan Curve Wave Brush

Key Features

Material: Wooden grip, boar bristle
Bristle Texture: Soft
Color: Patterned crimson and jam red
Weight: 4.32 ounces
Length: 9.45 inches
Width: 2.36 inches
Best for: Straight and nappy hair

First Impression

This wave brush is available in a range of colors and highlights waves. I would say it’s neither too soft nor too firm. And its curved handle makes it perfect. A good product from a nice brand. I would recommend this brush to anyone with a straight hair texture.

I don’t know if that’s how every unit comes, but mine came with the bristles bent. I’ve been trying to adjust the bends. I feel it’s a result of poor handling by the delivery company. Aside from that, everything else was in wonderful condition.

KeryKwan vs Wav Enforcer Brush

I compared this to my Wav Enforcer and observed it was softer. While both were labeled as medium-hard brushes, KeryKwan felt soft. I have a variety of brushes and I can easily tell the differences.

My only concern with it is that I believe my hair is too thick for it. It doesn’t reach my scalp. I’m not feeling it. I think it’s not deep enough to penetrate the hair and not hard enough for very full hair. It does make my hair smooth, though. I wouldn’t recommend this for full hair.

What I Like

Comes with a durag (gift)
Appropriate for wavy and dry hair
Medium-soft brittles

What Can Improve

Not recommended for thick or coarse hair

Final Verdict

This is a wonderful brush for creating waves. I noticed my waves were more precise after a week of use. It has a sturdy handle, fits the head, and the bristles are fantastic. However, the bristles will shed a couple of times when you first get it. The shedding halted after some days.

I initially hesitated to get the Wolfin Pro Wave Brush when it was recommended by a friend. For I was initially not convinced by its performance. I decided to give the brand a try, and I was impressed. Despite my hair being full at the time, I felt the pull. So far, it has held up nicely.

Best Wave Brush for Wolfing

Wolfin Pro- Premium Curved 360 Wave Brush
Wolfin Curved 360 Wave Brush

Key Features

Material: Wooden base, boar bristle
Bristle Texture: Medium
Color: Brown
Weight: 3.21 ounces
Length: 4.84 inches
Width: 2.95 inches
Best for: Long curly, coarse, thick, and frizzy hair

First Impression

Its bristles are flexible yet not too soft, so they conform perfectly to different types of hair. They don’t shed or get stuck together, and they look like they’re made from some high-quality material. I also like how it doesn’t hurt my scalp. I’ve been using it for some time and can tell that it’s working.


The way the brush feels in the hands, the effective bristles, and the curved handle make brushing a comfortable experience. I haven’t had any problems with it slipping out of my hands either. And as a plus, it helps circulate the pomade or oil applied to your hair. If you’ve got a dry scalp or curly hair, this would be a nice brush for you.

I tried the brush with a wave cream, and the result was fantastic. The interesting part is that you can use this brush for your beard too. Got long beards? No problem. It’s just right for styling your whiskers. I have thick hair that tends to be naturally wavy, but this brush works wonders in creating waves.

Nonetheless, I noticed splits when used in the shower. Not a very good experience. Hence, I wouldn’t advise using it too often in the shower.

What I Like

Made my waves more defined
Has a commendable pull
Great for beard grooming

What Can Improve

Not shower-friendly

Final Verdict

I tested a ton of brushes and I can tell this one is great. The Wolfin Pro brush is made with medium-strength boar bristles. So it’s great for applying wave pomade and grease. I like how the brush has a nice curve that contours to my head. It also feels good to use.

I’ll be on the lookout for more high-quality wave brushes and will keep this guide up to date. For the time being, these are the best on the market. Now, let’s consider why getting a high-quality brush is nondebatable.

Why You Need a High-Quality Wave Brush

You may have seen the 180, 360, 540, and 720 waves and wondered how you could get a similar hairstyle. Well, we’ve all been there. I’ve tried 360 and 180 waves at different times and I love them both! The hairstyle has been around for so long. These days, I lean towards the 180 waves due to my fades haircut.

While writing this article, I spoke with a colleague who has been in the game for over three decades. He noted how hairbrushes have been his most treasured possession for many years. Today, wave grease, pomade, and durag have made developing and maintaining waves an easier process.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t downplay the role of brushes in this art. Among all the brushes used for waves, boar-bristled brushes are the most sought-after. The boar bristle’s close resemblance to human hair makes it the ideal tool for styling black hair. This begs the question, what makes them special? Let’s find out!

What Makes a Wave Brush Best for 360 Waves?

top three brushes for waves

1. Creates Better Waves Connection

With the right hairbrush, you can create a better wave connection in a week or two of regular brushing. It gives you the flexibility of choosing your preferred wave style, be it 180, 360, 540, or 720 waves. Most importantly, it aids in distributing the hair products evenly across the scalp in order to coat every strand and help create more waves.

To make your hair look more voluminous, brush it in the direction of the waves you want. If you want to achieve 540 waves, brush your hair from left to right. To achieve 720 waves, brush it from front to back. Keep brushing at least four times daily for two weeks, you’ll definitely see some improvements.

2. Helps in Conditioning Black Hair

One of my favorite features of a good hairbrush is its ability to condition black hair, which results in a smooth feel when you run your hands through it. At the initial stage of training your hair to develop waves, it is important that every strand of hair lay flat on the scalp. Furthermore, during the wolfing period, you’ll need a hairbrush that has an extra pull to control thick hair.

3. Adds a Subtle Sheen to African American Hair

Distributing wave grease evenly on your hair gives it a natural shine. Good wave brushes have just the right level of hardness to do this efficiently. On a side note, I often use chemically-laden pomade for shine, but I’ve realized that naturally sourced products give me better shine than the chemical alternatives.

4. Has the Right Texture

Choosing between hard-bristled and soft-bristled brushes depends on the thickness, length, and texture of your hair. If you have coarse or thick hair, go for a hard-bristled brush like the Premium Curved Wave Brush. If you have thin hair or a sensitive scalp, go easy on your head and choose a soft-bristled brush.

KeryKwan Curve Wave Brush has the ideal texture for nappy or thin hair. Bear in mind, although hard bristles create waves quickly, they can also damage your hair and accelerate hair loss. Thus, it’s recommended to find the right balance between soft and hard brushes.

5. Improves Blood Circulation to the Scalp

A good wave brush can improve blood flow to the scalp as well as increase circulation to the hair follicles. This enables healthier hair growth as blood carries vitamins and nutrients to the scalp and base of hair follicles.

The Bottom Line

On a journey to get perfect waves? It’s important to choose the right brush as soon as possible. This guide covers some of the best brushes for creating 360, 540, and 720 wave patterns. No matter what wave style you’re looking for, there are brushes to get the job done.

Hairbrushes come in different sizes, shapes, and forms, each with its unique characteristics. Most people prefer oval brushes because they cover a large surface in one pass without leaving any loose ends.

However, if you want to create waves with a paddle brush, make sure you use it only when your hair is damp, not drenched; otherwise, it’ll feel too bulky and heavy for everyday use. That said, due to personal preference, some folks may not like oval-shaped hairbrushes. Even so, there’s no doubt as to how easy they are to carry around.

Although creating waves may take time and effort, it’s a lot easier than it seems, provided you have the appropriate type of brush and apply gentle strokes. If a particular brush isn’t working for you, try another until you find what’s perfect for your hair.

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